RoadTrip Parenting 101

At 41, I’m just now jumping into the world of blogging… so, please be patient as I’m  learning on the fly. As the current President of Bema Media and “i-Shine Live” in Nashville TN, I work every day with pre-teens & teens and the parents and pastors who care for them. I have a deep love for and profound respect of those kids and I am learning every day. I convinced the evidences continues to show how rapidly they are being forced to grow up. 

This generation unlike any before it, is being forced to decide at a young age (avg 13) what they are going to believe for life about God, values, faith, religion and morality in general. Combine those pressures with our recent gigantic technological shift and its clear this generation is facing a “truth war” far greater than anything my generation had to deal with.

I’m also personally the father of three teenagers, (two girls and a son), married now for over nineteen years I am at least in a position to share openly from my professional and personal viewpoints of past parenting failures and successes.

 As a second generation Christian, who waited until after the age of 30 to embrace Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior… I am also keenly aware of the pressures parents face to get their kids to “the finish line” and the danger of “not” passing the torch to the next generation. We as parents and pastors, will need to prayerfully and humbly seek the Scriptures and the combined wisdom of our peers and those who have gone before us to navigate the dangerous roads ahead.

I’m currently working on my first book, “Asleep at the Wheel” in which I share in great detail of the painful journey my family took from near tragedy to triumph all through the power of grace,forgiveness and the adventures of an epic summer family road trip. From that experience of road tripping with the family, an idea of  blogging was formed…I want to encourage other parents, families and grandparents to engage their children where they live and with intentionality.

I chose to share of my love of wilderness travel and roadtripping adventure with my family and it paid off big time! What is your passion ? How can you include your kids to join with you in that activity? Find a way to connect the dots, find a way to engage your family with your faith and your life before they move along and are gone. 

When we took our road trip, it was a sizeable commitment of time, money and resources..but well worth it. There was no “devotional study” or formal discussions, only genuine conversation and lots of red bull. Somewhere along the way it was simple and natural for me to connect with my kids, my wife and my God and somewhere a thousand miles away…our family was transformed. If you get this… then please jump in with ideas, comments and encouragement as we would love to hear from all of you about your own success stories of faith, family and the open road !

I know it’s becoming normal for kids to plug-in and check out in our homes, cars and churches… but for me, observing the rapid evolution of technology and the ever-increasing presence of personal entertainment options…is new and crazy  and often scary. Technology is confusing to parents, and we all struggle to various degrees in absorbing and understanding the impact of iPod’s, Netflix, red box and 4G on our families and homes.

However dynamic the age we live in… we all must  navigate successfully the generational responsibility of safely overseeing our children’s journey’s from adolescence to adulthood. This blog is meant to help and encourage you to “stay the course”… it’s worth all of the frustration, pain and rejection to win our kids hearts.

For more information on i-Shine, Bema Media and the Ministries that brad and his family are actively engaged with; check out

Peace Out.

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