Living from our Heart is Dangerous !

Living from our hearts is a dangerous option… its much safer to walk on the well-worn paths of life and to stay as far from “uncomfortable” as possible. Yet somewhere deep inside of us is an intangible yearning for something more. A whole lot more !  

More beauty, More passion and more Life. We seem to barely survive our days and weeks as life keep us off balance and exhausted. The enthusiasm we start out with fades as we accommodate to the stress of finances, extra-curricular commitments and ever-growing fear of the unknown. If we’re not careful, this reality we accept may become all we know to live for and all we’re ever going to be.

God NEVER intended for us to live as slaves to our safety. His design was for us to live from our hearts, from our deepest inner-desire and from our boundless creativity.

We’ve been ambushed by two powerful deceptions. First, that God is far away and aloof from our lives  and dis-interested as to our happiness. This lie says to know God we must live only on or own wits or as Holy “recluses” in poverty, passionless and without any satisfaction.

A second powerful deception is aimed at those who accept Christ as their Savior at some point in their life. We believe to follow Christ we must surrender our personal dreams believing that to become a “responsible” and mature Christian man or woman we should walk away from those longings…walk far away from the hopes and dreams of our redeemed hearts and “grow up” to embrace only the “practical” and realistic.

I fell victim to both of those lies as a young man,…many of us did, have…are. The result, we missed out on much of what we were intended to be and do. I personally inflicted such deep pain and heartache on myself and those I loved that it almost destroyed my life and theirs. It seems for most of us, the deception has gone all the way to our core beliefs about the very nature of God.

These deceptions I believe are intended to keep us away from God and to reduce us to live un-inspired safe and boring lives if we ever do get around to starting a relationship with God.

The sad thing…. we generally agree to accept this watered down version of faith and life and wonder why we can’t seem to ever grasp the “joy” and “power” of the Cross that’s described by others…

I mean, if we’re honest; our faith is often lived from a “fear-based guilt reflex”that we pass on to our kids as “Christianity” and wonder why they are so “non-motivated” to follow us into a lifetime of marginal living.

Its time we step back and really “re-set” our thinking as adults and as a parents. Our God is not safe. He is beyond passionate, He is intense at a level that cannot be comprehended. To know Him is not safe, but is the ultimate fulfilment of our lives. His desire is to be with us. He has relentlessly pursued us and has shown in every possible way he will do whatever it takes to win our hearts, to redeem our lives back into living color.

To know Him, we will need to risk it all. To get off the safe paths of life and out into the wilderness beauty of our purpose, we must throw back the pre-conceptions of who God is and how he has wired us to live.  I strongly recommend a regular diet of  consuming the word daily, and finding a group of “alive” believers who have a “common-unity” in Christ. From those two simple actions I am confident you will begin to see the early tendrils of beauty and excitement when it comes to your faith.

GO, drive, hike, walk, climb, paint, photograph, create. Wherever you live, look for the signs of life in your world. From the indescribable beauty of a sunset over the desert to the shimmering glory of a snow-capped peak, the evidences of God’s creativity are all around us.

Point these monuments of Gods love out to your kids. Embrace their beauty and encourage your family to experience God outside of our “safe” and comfortable lives. Risk something, go away from the common and ordinary for the irreplaceable experience of knowing God. In the summer of 2010, I took my family to see the “heart of God” just north of Lake Louise Alberta. (See photo in blog) We hiked the Bow Glacier Falls trail for about seven miles and it changed my family forever. It was literally for us a process of walking out of the common into the world of the extraordinary.  

For more on this subject of living from your “heart”, or to explore this concept of a  “passionate” life from a Christian perspective, check out one of my favorites groups and authors … at

Could go on forever on this topic, but for now signing off. Helping to keep it real and to encourage you to “keep your family in between the lines and on the road of life

Peace out,



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