The Charlie Sheen Horrorshow…

I watched in Horror last night as I caught a portion of Charlie Sheen’s interview on ABC’s 20/20   as millions watched in fascination and repulsion with his erratic and indisputable display of insanity. If Charlie were a young, naive, Hollywood A-Lister… I think I could find a bit of patience with his tantric outbursts and delusional narcissism, but not when the guy is pushing fifty years old. Seriously un-healthy is the most politically correct language I can use for that.

                               Pretty Sad… Pretty Scary!

As a Christian parent, I’m not going to waste time blasting Charlie for his morality or his lack of foundational values. I’m not blogging here to judge his sinful lifestyle or his self-absorbed personality. I am here to remind myself and all of us of the real dangers posed by glorifying this guy in any way.

His life choices reveal an overtly foolish and painfully obscene man who has traded his soul for the brevity of fame. What really concerns me is the amount of media attention and fascination our society has for gorging on the sordid life details of the Charlie Sheen’s, Lindsey Lohan’s  and Paris Hilton’s of  our world.  These horror-shows of distorted reality have become american icons and are worshiped by our tween and teenagers every day.

I believe we as parents must step back from the influence of an un-filtered prime time media diet in our homes. Instead we must proactively review what our families are consuming and use these insane moments to illustrate to our kids why we believe what we believe.  is a great place to visit for moms and dads who are starting to wonder how much is enough ?

Its time to ask our kids… which is better ? To live for only self, or to live for others ? On one side of that equation is the pop-culture frenzy of television and media and on the other… parents like us.

I believe the path forward for today’s family is not to ignore or avoid media, but to use it appropriately to discuss real life issues together. Nothing is as helpful for an impressionable young mind than to compare and contrast the lives of real life hero’s (like a Ronald Reagan, Madame Curie or Mother Theresa) men and women who sacrificed their lives for others… with the foolish and insignificant contributions of someone like Charlie Sheen.

Last night I saw what was truly the Charlie Sheen Horror Show, and on reflection…its not fit viewing for any age.

Forget about just staying in the lines and on the road of life for this one, its time to get our families on another road altogether… its time to put ourselves on a family media diet !

Peace out.



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