Heritage of Hope… A Tribute to Scott Harsha – repost

Heritage is defined as;
  • practices that are handed down from the past by tradition; “a heritage of freedom”
  • inheritance: any attribute or immaterial possession that is inherited from ancestors;
  • inheritance: that which is inherited; a title or property or estate that passes by law to the heir on the death of the owner. – (reference: wordnetweb.princeton.edu/perl/webwn)

Looking at the insane schedules we keep, the priorities we make of our time and the money we spend, it is easy to see  what we treasure and value the most. But a hard question emerges from the frenzy of our nine to five lives and the hundreds other daily details that we rush to complete. Do we  allow our circumstances to define and direct our lives or do we have a stronger purpose to live for?

Sometimes, life interrupts our plans and re-directs our focus from the daily slog of survival to something much more. Finding out you have cancer, loosing a loved one, getting laid off from your job.. all of these experiences help us to “re-set” and remember or maybe even start to discover what we really believe. I’m always amazed at the power of tragedy and loss to help us to become as alive as we can be. As this is a blog on parenting, its appropriate to take a moment to ask…

 What will our heritage be to our children ?

If I have learned anything in my forty-one years… my life is more than the sum of my bank account, or the model of car I drive. It’s much more than the clothes I wear, or the brand of bag my wife has on her shoulder. My life is not in the “things” I have or the status of my job.

My life can be measured in my family.

It’s really that simple. How well I steward and cherish my relationships with my wife, kids and my friends directly defines me and creates my Heritage. What I will leave behind when my time is up… that can be eternal.

Are we creating a Heritage of Hope for our kids? Do we share with our families and our friends about our faith, our beliefs and our values, about living for more than the here or now ? (this is not a suggestion for us to all get religious and start preaching and teaching to others 24/7), It is a reminder of our need to be intentional…to Live and Love every day of our lives, conscious of the precious gift of life!

Are we celebrating our lives ? Are we seeing life from the perspective of how much God has blessed us or are we focusing on the defeats and failures and losses of our lives? Choosing to LIVE and to LOVE is  the HERITAGE I want to leave my family.

An old high school acquaintance of mine is fighting cancer.. he’s fighting for his life. His family, his friends and his faith are all standing in the gap for him.

He is leaving his mark on this world with his determination to leave a “Heritage” for his children to follow and pass on to their kids. His life means something. Read his Facebook, look at his families pictures and see his resolve. His life is NOT defined by his circumstances and his faith is not dependant on how much money is in his savings account. He is ALIVE.

So I’m asking for you to say a prayer today for an old high school friend…Scott Harsha and his family. And if you feel led… find out more, maybe buy a bracelet at http://saveastrangerorg.blogspot.com/ for $5 to help his family out and pass this reminder on to other parents and family members you care for.

We all can be reminded of our need to celebrate the amazing joy of living and the profound  grace of God in the midst of all our pain.  Here’s to keeping it between the lines and on the road of life, with a commitment to leaving a “Heritage” of Hope…

I believe we all want to live without regret, and I want to make sure my family knows what a true Heritage of life is… That is most important and yet so difficult to remember.

Oh, and tonite… go ahead and take the extra five minutes to grab a milkshake at a Sonic with your kids, or pick up some flowers at the grocery store on the way home from work for your spouse….Why? Because, its a way to show that we are actively choosing to LIVE our lives, not simply survive them…  🙂

Peace out,


On 11-01-11 : – Scott Harsha…Passed into eternity after his battle with cancer … He DID LEAVE a heritage of hope for his family and a deep and enduring mark of faith on all who knew or encountered him. What will our legacy be when its our time? I hope I’m half the man Scott was. We’re going to miss you Scott. Peace to you and your family my friend.


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