Living like there is NO tomorrow…

It is crazy to think that someone believed the world would end last saturday at a precise time and date, and we laughed at the comic absurdity of it all. But after the belly laughs subside, I’m left with the sobering reality that if  I really take the time to consider… there are now in fact a series of un-explainable and destructive events happening across the world.

From the apocalyptic earthquakes, tsunami and nuclear melt down in Japan to the epic tornadoes in the south and midwest to some of the worst flooding in a hundred years or more, it seems something is happening to our world. If your children have not asked you about it…they will. I can guarantee you they are thinking about it, the images on television and MSN are frightening, and the truth is with all of our technology and education and advancements, we’re defenseless against the power of nature.

We could spend a tremendous amount of time and energy speculating what exactly it all means or when we might expect to see it all end, but that’s not really very helpful. Its exhausting and it raises the blood pressures and Valium prescriptions for parents and puts our kids into a tailspin. This is an endless and un-knowable question, and I believe the wrong one to try to answer.

Instead of trying to figure it all out.. what if we simply chose to live like there would be NO tomorrow?

A biblical perspective allows us to skip the speculation and focus on the facts.  Jesus told us things would get scary in the last age, that “mens hearts would fail them for fear” and that in the signs of the times there would be birth pains or tribulation on earth in response to the surge of evil and the waning of good. Jesus told us to live as if today were our last and for us all to look for His return, in the same discussion He warned that “No man knows the hour” and there would be fakes, imposters and false prophets everyone claiming to be Messiah, or special or enlightened.

It’s good to be aware, its good to have a sober understanding of the days in which we live…but to obsess about it leads to strange saturday predictions and outright odd behavior. To prepare for the unknowable is impossible and overwhelming. We are only asked to remember that we  have today to live, not simply survive, but to LIVE.

Jesus taught us to live in the moment of each day, focused on the events and needs and wants of that day, not tomorrow. James tells us in his epistle to not even try to plan ahead without acknowledging the reality of God. He instructs us to plan only with the understanding …”If God wills”, as a way of reminding the early church we can’t assume that we have tomorrow. Given the risks of simply driving to work. dare we presume to assume that our lives will continue beyond today?

As a Christian father…I want to be prepared to talk with my kids in a way that defuse’s their fears and inspires their day. I want to redirect their question from If the world is going to end, to what is my opportunity to be alive today ? Having faith and a relationship with Jesus allows us to live each day free from the bondage of fear, anxiety and uncertainty. 

Our kids are desperate to understand how they can live in such times with peace and hope and happiness. As parents we should remind them to look at their lives like we do… with an eternal perspective on it all. It is crazy to think that someday all that we know and can see will pass away, but God’s love and His words will “never pass away”.

Tonight… Listen, share and have some family time around the table… ask you kids about this stuff. See what happens. To answer their questions, crack open the bible and read the words of Jesus, watch as it soothes their hearts and minds with His truth and hope and love. They need to know that their parents are living with hope and certainty in the midst of so much upheaval and that in the midst of a world going crazy, the bible is the anchor of our soul. If all we do as parents is teach our kids to turn to the word of God in times of crisis or uncertainty… we will have done our jobs well. ( – check it out today for free daily MP3 and streaming readings in the word)

Peace out and you like me… “seek to keep your families in between the lines and on the road of life”!


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