Roadtrip weekend Report: Finding a Summer Paradise in Siesta Key

Summer paradise found ! Just back from a long four-day weekend in Siesta Key FL. Gotta Go.

If you love sugar white sands and gentle waves, we’ve got the perfect roadtrip weekend for you !

Approximately one hour south of Tampa – St. Pete and immediate to Sarasota…it’s easily accessible from either cities international airports.

My wife Paige, daughter Bethany Rose and our almost-daughter Lillie Ann drove to Siesta Key… it was about twelve hours from Nashville and we had a blast. Cracker Barrell and McDonald’s got us through the dry and hunger spells as we faithfully motored down I-75. Going down is always easy… adrenaline high and spirits pumped. Music jumping, head bobbing, spinning, waiting for some beachmagic mojo baaabby !

We were celebrating the girls sixteenth b-day’s and they had picked Siesta Key out of all of the US. For beaches… it’s dynamite. Arguably the best beach in the US, and in contention for the world.

I’ve been to Hawaii, Oregon, California, Texas, Alabama, GA, SC, NC, Maine..etc.. nothing came close to this, except maybe Maui, but at a fraction of the cost. Stayed on the beach for $140-155/ night, at the Sea Shell condo’s, for a two bedroom 2-bath condo with pool and balcony. (3 night stay minimum) It was clean, modern and well air-conditioned.


Strolls on the beach were a 1 minute walk from our room,  or as simple as opening our bedroom sliding glass doors. Hot in the daytime (summer temps in the 90’s F) but great in the evenings, around 75-80F with soft breezes. We swam, ate, walked, shopped, ate, jet-skied, ate, shopped, ate, walked… for four days. Got a great tan, gained five lbs and had a blast with my girls 🙂

If you visit Siesta Key, I promise, it will NOT disappoint. Beautiful, quiet and serene sunsets, fantastic shopping at St. Armand’s Circle and Food to die for in the Siesta Key island village. (the Lobster Bisque at the Lobster Pot in Siesta Key village is worth the trip alone) Traffic and crowds swell on weekends, very popular destination for snow birds in winter months. Values are seasonal, check it out online at any major travel site. Not a great surfer haven, waves are low and slow, but clear and swimming is fantastic. Paddle boards, snorkeling and wave-runners are available most places. Great family beach, shallow and flat. Safe.

Our budget was $400/day for hotel, meals, travel and fun for four.  We had no problem doing that and some left over for trinkets…which is WHOLE other blog to be had.

God bless you as you seek to spend time with your families this summer season. Parents… save your dollars on starbucks, golf, hair coloring, pedi’s, and Kohls.. choose to skip the dinners out for a few weeks. Save some in the short-term, so you can invest forever in your families. It’s important for us all to take the time to Rest, Eat, Stroll and Enjoy each season of our lives.

It’s essential that we all make the effort to slow our selves and our families down, so we can quiet our minds long enough for us to hear each other, and in the peaceful quiet… to hear God. He’s calling… will you come ?

Our Next roadtrip blog destination overview… will be further west.

In Jesus Name !



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