The Reaganomics of Fatherhood

So, its fathers day weekend ahead. For you dads out there, CONGRATULATIONS for being the MAN!  I hope you enjoy yourselves immensely and have that extra helping or two of dinner on sunday and no one gets to touch your TV remote on such a sacred date ! And while you’re basking in the warmth of your families love and admiration…I’m asking you to take a sec to consider the Ronald Reagan model of fatherhood for your family in the year ahead.

I know, what the heck,.. Reaganomics in my home…whaddya talking about ?

I’m not talking about cash, but I am talking about the “Trickle down” Economics of influence for your families. Whatever is “off” or out of balance in your home…is directly related to the influence or lack of influence you have with your family as their spiritual and moral leader. Invest “HEAVILY” in their formation by being careful to watch your own time and focus and faith.

Skip the couch, hit the kids rooms when you get home from work. Kiss your wife like you mean it, as if you might not ever get the chance to again. Don’t blow off your teen or tween’s anger or frustration with work, or school or a friend. LISTEN, HEAR and RESPOND with more than the mono-tone of passivity in your heart.

Our families will respond to a fathers leadership. If we as fathers choose to put God first in our lives… it will trickle down to our kids and our wives. As we take the time to get on our knees faithfully, daily, earnestly with God… they will recognize our actions as being authentic and respond to our faith with genuine respect and interest.

If we as dad’s, covenant to love our wives like ourselves… our marriages and our homes will regain a vibrancy and peace that will calm even the most irritated of hormonal offspring ! Our investment of time, and attention and genuine love will never come back empty. It trickles down by revealing to our kids how to love someone, how to respect and how to cherish a spouse for a lifetime.

How valuable is that lesson of life and love to a generation of kids who see 52% of marriages end in divorce?

I can go on and on and on… the reality is, as fathers we set the tone and we set the bar for our kids to follow. Not with rigid instructions and black and white religiousness, but with love and consistency and faithfulness in our own personal life. Turn off the tv when it’s pushing the moral boundaries of love and sexuality, profanity or moral relativism. Take the lead, show initiative. Don’t go passive – don’t go contented and drowsy like 90% of men today.

LEAD THEM, and in doing so… you will LOVE them as Jesus did.

Nothing can equal your influence on their lives. No one can replace your role as father. But if we’re not careful, everyone can replace your role as influencers. It’s top down – inside out time. Reagan style.

Peace out and my profound thanks to those fathers who have made the sacrifice to stick it out with their families. And for those who had no choice, may God richly bless you with the wisdom and peace of mind to lead your families “solo” as required. Faithful is He who called us who also will perform it…” Rest in the knowledge that your father in heaven has your back as you desperately seek to provide your own with a role model they can be proud to follow.

Keeping it in between the lines and on the road of life this summer…


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