I pledge allegiance…to NBC and to the atheist worldview…

So…I’m watching the US Open sunday on father’s day and enjoying some couch time when they start running this tribute video in lush production values, honoring the US as a nation, our heritage, our soldiers and our legacy of hope and freedom…and it’s being voiced over with the Pledge of Allegiance and I’m sorta saying it along in my mind…when I notice they totally skip the “One Nation Under God” part. Twice.

Not an accident. Not even close.

So many people decided it was outrageous their twitter feeds blew up with complaints and they came on-air during the US Open coverage to apologize for their decision to edit portions of their commercial spot. Seriously ?

Fellow parents, it’s becoming the “norm” for our media outlets to edit out any references of faith, God or Religion from its broadcasts…unless it’s to show how tolerant they are being of Muslim beliefs etc… It’s becoming clearer to me that our media world is intentionally seeking to reduce our American generational treasure of faith and hope and God into just the whispered shame of our past ignorant and unenlightened founders.

I’m asking you to not allow this to happen on your watch.

We are the only generation standing between the past heritage of faith and the future world of self-awareness and a growing moral vacuum for society to fill with its own personal opinions on life, truth and value. If we continue to let NBC define our american heritage as Godless, then we will be the one’s future generations will look to for some answers as to why we just stood by and let it happen without a fight.

I’m not a big boycott, sit-in, stand up kind of political animal… but this one torques me off a bit. I’m skipping my NBC viewing and support and seriously consider if a write in-campaign might be useful for something. Ideas or suggestions, links, forums are all welcome to leave their info for us to consider ways to respond to this obvious disrespect of our American history and dependence on our God and Faith as the cornerstone of this nations earliest ideals. 

So as you take the time to enjoy our Nations birthday this summer… remind yourself and your

families of the amazing history of faith that formed the very foundations of America and the

essential nature of our character, laws and integrity being bound up in those ideals of our courageous and amazing founding fathers. Something to celebrate… not edit.

Peace out,  as you seek to keep your families on the road and in between the lines of life and God’s grace to you as your children grow rapidly into tomorrow’s adults!


4 thoughts on “I pledge allegiance…to NBC and to the atheist worldview…

  1. “Not an accident. Not even close.”

    I find this dubious. It clearly could have been a mistake. Especially given the fact that they’ve publicly apologized.

    “It’s becoming clearer to me that our media world is intentionally seeking to reduce our American generational treasure of faith”

    Are you suggesting that if someone else doesn’t say something positive about your religion/deity/beliefs, that somehow your own faith is harmed? That suggests a rather large weakness in your faith, doesn’t it?

    I also want to point out that not mentioning a god is not the same as saying ‘there is no god’.

    • NotAScientest – thanks for your honest and frank comments for the NBC blog today. As a media exec, I more aware then most of the process and production planning required to put together a spot like NBC did on the US Open coverage. Suffice it to say…when you edit only a small portion of a well known and historical tradition like the “pledge of allegiance” it’s very intentional. Given the production process, review and careful planning required to create such a piece, a editor / director team would have made this decision only with senior executive approval. In addition the segment had plenty of time and video production space to include the entire lanuage as originally drafted and used by hundreds of millions of American citizens over the past forty years.

      What’s curious to me is the “why” behind it. Knowing the media world, I know the core demographic behind Golf Television viewers.. is in the over 30 age group, and probably the over 40 demographic. In addition, it is predominately male. NBC would have to had to know their audience would be sensitive to and aware of the abscence of “Under God” in their production…? Yet they took the risk of offfending viewers for the sake of being “Politically correct”.

      I’m not trying to prove my point on God or Faith, but rather on the ways media consistently chooses to edit out “faith” references or “God” references in their productions, even when the program audience would most definitely be a solid core demographic that would respond well to it’s content remaining un-edited…?

      My hope is to create awareness as to the repeated and systematic retreat our media and culture has made from the historical basis of our country and it’s over two hundred year heritage of trusting in “God” as a nation. I want my kids and this generation to at least respect that history regardless of what they personally choose to believe.

      Grace to you,

  2. You are absolutely right! Will we be the ones who stand by and watch while the media systematically dismantles what this country was founded on? The media has been bold and relentless and often violent (violent in the sense of condemning, blacklisting, and relentless harassment of those who speak for God and truth like paparazzi) in it’s pursuit to brainwash the masses. It is time to be bold and relentless in holding them accountable to the truth.

    • Thanks for your comments mathiasfamily4jesus. Holding fast to the founding principles of our nation is a particularly challenging task in these recent years and months. I believe it will be won or lost on the media front lines of culture and social interaction. Not in the legal or judicial arena.

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