Families – Faith and Freedom

Just wanted to wish everyone a fantastic fourth of July this year!

Don’t Hold back…it’s time to enthusiastically enjoy too much food, exhaustive fun and late night fireworks with your families, and as you do…please don’t forget to celebrate intentionally the freedom we enjoy as Americans and as Christians in this great land.

We get to celebrate an amazing heritage of faith and life and truth that has steadfastly formed the foundation of our nation for well over 200 years, and yet we have to be aware as parents that we literally are developing the future leaders of our nation in our homes. 

The next generation of Americans (pre-teens) get to choose in a very short time, what they will do, and that will directly reflect what they decide to believe about the nature of freedom, the American dream, individual faith and integrity.

Take a few moments this weekend as you celebrate and pause to remind your kids of the powerful history behind our nation. Remind yourself and your kids again of the unique and unprecedented experiment that is America and the remarkable men and women who helped create it, protect it and guide its course. I believe you will find its still worth celebrating and defending and loving!

For those serving in our armed forces.. Please know that there are millions and millions of us who pray for and desperately seek your safe return from hostile lands. We are grateful for the sacrifice and suffering you are enduring for our safety and for the sake of freedom across the globe. For those of you readers who want to try to show your appreciation – please check out the American Freedom Foundation – a fantastic support organization for our veterans! If you see a uniform this weekend, take the time to shake their hand and pat their back, let them know your proud of them and our country!

Happy Fourth of July Everyone!!!

Peace out.



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