One comment on “Harry Potter… whats a Christian Parent to Do ?

  1. Cheryl Hayman That’s a tough one.. our son got a hold of the book when it first came out on his own even though we didn’t want it in the house.. he was older.. not a small child, but if I had small children I wouldn’t allow it!
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    Brad Mathias I have mixed emotions on it, largely on the age of the child. For little kids, i’m much more cautious. For teens – not so much. It has been a great dialogue starter for my teens at times, and when I finally read the books I was able to understand where the “danger” spots were. My point in the blog is to “USE” Media to your advantage as a parent, teach from it, train your older kids to develop a “filter” for media content – thanks for your thoughts !
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    Michael Mathias I have seen and delt with the “craft” first hand and none of it should be takin lightly these type of books and movies have one purpose and its not entertainment, they can chip away at your faith…..
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    Brad Mathias Mike, your warning is indeed relevant. Most readers of the Road Trip Parenting site are not Christian, or if they are… very secularized in their world views and behaviors. The hope is for those parents to become aware of the potential for harm and or to provide them with a “way” out of the danger by showing them a safe way to monitor their kids and understand the media they are consuming right under their noses. I rarely take strong positions on these types of issues, partly because my goal is larger than winning an argument or making a point, rather to engage the parents to be involved with their families. Thanks for your comments. much appreciated.
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    Michael Mathias I must have been confused by the “Harry Potter…whats a Christian parent to do?” at the beginning of this post ????
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    Rick Greene This stuff hits too close to home as we have a family member that’s into witchcraft – they think they have it to use it for good. But white magic is not from the Lord. For me & my house I cannot allow it in our house – what if this family member came over and saw I watched and supported these books & films? We wouldn’t be able to explain our faith with those stacked on a shelf. And I leave you with this – if people have to “defend” why they should see these movies & read the books – then it’s already affected their heart.
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