Funerals and Family… living without regrets

My wifes grandmother passed away last saturday… after over eight decades of life, she was gone. “Great Mimi” was an amazing lady, a southern treasure who baked and sewed and lived as a kind and considerate great-grandmother whose generosity and love impacted hundreds and hundreds of lives… Mother of two, grandmother of seven and great-grandmother of six (including our three).

She was a simple lady, but rich in many other ways, rich in her faith, rich in her kindness and surrounded by love she was admired and beloved by her family,..and rightfully so. She lived a life that we all desperately hope to find, a life full of Grace and Peace and genuine Contentment.

My wife was deeply affected by her grandmother’s life and death. Her life-long attachment to her “Mimi” was strong, and her frequent times with her were deliberate and she consistently wrote, called and visited her every chance she had. She shared of the details of her life with her “Mimi” and constantly was sending school pictures, vacation cards and loving notes for decades. It was clear by the box of letters that we found after the funeral, that “Mimi” kept all of those love letters from my wife, those thoughtful memento’s were carefully kept and stored, treasured by them both all along the way.

Memphis TN was great “Mimi’s” home and regardless of the social, economic or racial changes in her city..she never left. In fact, she lived in the same home for over sixty years, despite the urgings of her family to move. She was independent, resourceful and thrifty.

Great “Mimi” was a sweet and gentle soul, she loved her family and she spoke her mind if it was needed. She believed in her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and she believed in her family. She rarely travelled and loved to stay at home and enjoy her modest and simple life.

Her life was a testament to another time, a time of faith and love and integrity. A time of living within your means and being content to do so. A life of hard work and simple pleasures…. a life I want my family to know. Thanks to my wife’s tenacious will, they did. We never ever failed to visit “Mimi” when in Memphis and my kids grew up knowing her and her amazing cookies, cake and food. She always forced us to eat and enjoy her latest creations in the kitchen. A terrible burden we all accepted willingly whenever we could 🙂

It took an investment of time for us to truly appreciate her and keep the relationship alive in our family, and for each of our busy trips to Memphis we always stopped by “Mimi’s” little house. With today’s intense over-scheduled lifestyles…Time is a commodity that many families don’t have or refuse to surrender to their families, and I believe risk reducing their generational heritage by doing so. My wife would not allow that to happen to her family, and in doing so exposed myself and our three children to the amazing grandmother she loved so much… and to her values and strength rooted in her days as hard-working sharecroppers daughter who never, ever complained or forgot how much she truly had.

Thank you “Great Mimi” for being the beautiful lady you were, and for sharing that peaceful and contented life with all of us. We will miss you. To find our more about Paige’s grandmother… click here.

Parents, my message today is simple…

                                                                    “Take the Time”.

Invest wisely in your families, your extended relationships are too valuable to take for granted, treasure those you have while you can, and expose your kids to the generation of our grandparents. It may never come again and their influence is badly needed in our homes today. Ask you kids to consider… what will their lives be like at the end of their time here on earth, will they be missed, will they be loved, will they have made a difference…?

What will their legacy be for their grandkids…?A good question for us all to take some time to consider. As we left the funeral services on monday, my wife whispered to me… I’m so glad I lived my life with my “Mimi”, I am so glad I was with her near the end…I love that we can take the time today to honor and remember her without regret.

Lets agree to seek together to strive to live out our lives with all of our families… Without Regrets.

Peace out,


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