Back to School… now what ?

So its back to school time for most of us… now what?

Summer is waning, and fall is calling…the kids are up and out and on their way and parents have a whole new set of concerns and problems to consider each day. It takes about six weeks psychologists say to develop a “habit”, and summer break is usually about eight weeks long, so most of our homes have developed some habits that must change.

As we re-convene the grind of schooling and grades – homework- lunches, and supplies, lab fees and immunizations records – proof of residency requirements and booster fees. Deciding what clubs the kids will join and what teams they want to try out for this year...and then the rush begins, getting them to school, arranging for them to come home after, missing the bus, homework, drama with friends, drama with teachers, drama with parents… suddenly the entire family is running full speed again and can’t seem to catch our breath…life at Mach 3 and our lovely summer pace of life has quickly evaporated into the fall frenzy of yet another school year.

Want to try to live differently this school year…? Here are few RoadTrip Parenting suggestions to try.


You can, you really can. Before you sign up your kids for everything possible this fall, before you start comparing your kids clothes and backpacks and GPA’s and home room teachers, make a commitment to slow it all down and simplify before it gets out of hand like last year.


What is it that will be best for your family? What would be healthy for my child and our home for this year ? What are the priorities of our life going to be this school year? Don’t react, don’t respond out of guilt or fear or insecurity… plan to be balanced this year. In your own choices for time and your kids. They don’t have to do everything. Really.


Remember to budget your time like you do your groceries. Plan for rest, plan to be quiet and plan to spend time with your kids and your spouse on a regular (weekly) basis. Don’t fill up every single space in your calendars. Not even for ministry or the church or your favorite hobby. Save some time for yourself and your kids and your marriage.


This time is not forever, your year with your family and your kids is precious. It’s not going to come again. Remember to enjoy the journey as you go… it will be messy, it will be stressful and it will be unpredictable, but it will be awesome. Take your time as you go and enjoy the view along the way. Treasure the moments and choose to not be stressed by changes in their lives. The kids are growing up, they are going to endure injustices, and pain and frustrations along with the triumphs and joys of their school season. Don’t let minor daily details become weekly drama’s.


Commit your kids to the Lord each and every day. Remember He is working in the midst of the chaos and confusion of life to refine and renew their hearts and minds. He has a plan to prepare them for their lives as He does for you. Part of the process for the parent of school children is the learning of how we can support our kids without intervening in their lives. The faith to let God move and act in His way and in His time.


Trust that God is working in you and your kids for His good pleasure. Expect to see them grow and change and mature this year, trust that Gods ways although not our ways, are much better than any we could plan or prepare. Look forward to each day and week with more than a desire to avoid catastrophe’s, but with a expectation to see blessings and hope and joy in the day-to-day of living.


Remember to look out for those who are struggling with life, the single parents and the weary ones. Look for ways to encourage and help those in your world. Share your story, share your hope for good and your confidence in God. It will amaze you how much it can impact the very ones you feel have it “all together”.

RoadTrip parents...I Can’t wait to hear how God shows up for you this year and how He will guide your path as you lean on Him to parent your precious ones from the path of childhood to the highways of life. I’m confident that you will have a blast and your kids will too if you remember to try a few of these simple suggestions this year.

Peace out,


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