The Parenting Pilgrimage… living in the journey.

I love to RoadTrip, It’s such an amazing adventure to seek out for a few days with no hard fast schedules or agenda’s to keep. No meetings to make, no deadlines and no pressure to perform. Just free time to explore and discover new things and places. Awesome !

Brad & Paige in Canada

If you’ve not tried it, please… I urge you to seriously consider it. I’ve included a free link on this blog (right side column) where you can go to find great drives full of scenic adventure near where you live.  As a man, I’m drawn to exploring new vista’s of beauty and rugged terrain, for me that’s always the mountains. For some it’s the beach, a high desert or an isolated lake deep in the forest, wherever that is for you… GO and find it and soak some up on a regular basis.

Our world is in a desperate rush to drive us faster and faster through our lives. The pressure is intense to get things DONE. To check off one more life accomplishment from our internal list, to finish up one more project for our work or complete one more year of school with our kids. But we rarely step back from it far enough to recognize the process as being beautiful and exciting and amazing. Instead we literally get lost in the journey from here to there, and often distracted, depressed and overwhelmed by the pace and panic building within our hearts.

Slow down.

Step back.


Enjoy the journey your on as a parent, as a family. Stop the hamster wheel you call life and push some less important things back in your schedules. Take the time to appreciate the amazing world you live in, and take your family with you. Help them learn this principle early, so they can apply it often to their own families as they grow. It’s an incredible gift to share with them, the gift of retreating from the world of anxious living into the oasis of life a road trip can provide.

Life is not a test to be taken and a grade to earned. It’s a process of beautiful changes, great heroism, and lost dreams. Of redemption and of hope, of love and exhilaration and fear. Life is the greatest epic we can ever hope to participate in on earth. It’s amazing how much we miss in our urgency, the passing sunrise on a commute. The stars in night sky after we take the trash out for its weekly pickup. The excitement in our childs eyes as they tell us of something really “cool” that happened at school that day.

But it’s more than that… God is calling to us to come and retreat with Him for a while. His son Jesus often took His escape from the crowds, from the attention and pressures of public life, to just be alone with His father. It was often on a mountain, or by a lake… and often it was alone. We can learn from that pattern. We can apply that truth to our lives, to our homes to our marriages, and we must.

My hope for your family… step back from the insanity of keeping up for a few days each season and retreat together to spend some alone time with each other, with God and with the beauty of His creation. It will restore your perspective, it will rest your mind and renew your heart. It will re-ignite the flames of love in your marriage and the communication and intimacy with your kids.

In the final day of our lives we will doubtless wish we had spent more time enjoying the Pilgrimage of our life, rather than responding to the pressures of our culture to achieve and succeed in the things that really don’t matter.

Dear RTP reader… pull back from your desk, leave the endless pile of laundry and go roam a bit. It’s time to remember the pleasure of living… to catch the Smell of the leaves this fall, the fresh crisp coolness of a morning hike in the woods, or Feel the delicious tingle of red in your cheeks from the early snowfall as you climb up the mountain you’ve decided has your name on it. Watch as a beautiful dance unfolds in the wispy clouds floating gently across the sky above as you’re lying perfectly still in a quiet meadow. Listen to the roar of the breakers in the sandy alcove of your favorite stretch of beachfront. Life is calling to you… God is calling to you.

Will you take a moment to consider your reply?

Peace out,


PS:  Lest I become a total hypocrite,  I’m off to the woods myself this weekend. Working to write a few more chapters in my Tyndale book project in some solitude and rest. Where will you go ?

One thought on “The Parenting Pilgrimage… living in the journey.

  1. I have felt an insatiable longing, the past couple of weeks, to take the family out on another of our infamous treks to “who knows where”. (A typical autumnal craving I suppose.) It’s so amazing how much you gain from the experience!
    In light of that thought. I offer up a challenge to my fellow parents…. Have you ever considered including a young person other than your own on a “family” adventure, a child who’s own parents are unable or unwilling to do such things? We have a very large family with several “adopted” teenagers hanging around en masse. For a while I was very firm about us getting away alone, just us, mi familia, no straglers!. It took some unmistakably divine situations, (ie. Parents who left town assumig their children were spending the weekend), to get me to include my non-bios in our family fun. However, once I did, I discovered that the addition of these precious, and often hurting, kids brought joys and memories beyond anything I could have ever expected. I realize this is a stretch, and that we, as families still need to have time for just us, God will always honor the love we can show in real time.
    God bless!

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