Making the most of movies…

I had a great talk with a few friends of mine at church last week, they shared of their families habit of watching movies together and using the content to create open discussion about life. What a great idea! We hear so much about how terrible media is, as a negative influence on our youth, but we rarely get practical and useful suggestions on ways to use it to our advantage as parents.

Jesus taught in parables. He used word pictures to create stories about symbolic people and places to develop a theme and make a point, to illustrate a truth about the Kingdom of God or life. If He was walking the earth today, I believe He would be using movies or images to help bring home a specific truth to an audience. Like a movie!

Recently Churches have stepped up and started making great movies about life, moral issues and truth. Movies that have made  a significant impact on millions of people. As parents, we should take full advantage of those assets and watch them with our families to further reinforce what they get taught at Church or youth group. Of course we also have decades of great and fun family films to draw from as well, movies that may not be overtly Christian in nature, but certainly share some timeless truths in amazing ways. Films you’ve probably seen several times…but are worth another look when you consider the messages and values they instill.

So since Popcorn is my favorite snack and we all have a microwave and a well-worn couch or two, let’s plan to use them! Get yourself a Netflix rental or Redbox DVD and plan a saturday family movie night soon! Think about the ages and issues your kids are walking through and consider some of these great movies for which would be most appropriate and beneficial.

Recent Releases to DVD:

Facing the Giants”,  “Fireproof” – great family films from the Sherwood Church in Georgia !

Facing the Giants is a great film for families of all ages, especially those into sports, athletic events…and FOOTBALL.

                                                                                                              Fireproof is a marriage film… most effective for older pre-teens or teens, and great for couples who are struggling in their marriages.

The Grace Card” A modern cop drama set in Memphis TN, explore racial and ethnic diversity as well as forgiveness and life renewed. PG-13

Soul Surfer”  

Brand New to DVD, this is a true life story of teen Bethany Hamilton and how her courageous faith and passion for surfing have inspired a generation of girls and pre-teens for Christ!

To Save a Life

One of the most compelling youth group films i’ve ever seen. If you have eighth graders or older, this is a realistic portrayal of life in the church from a teens perspective. PG-13 as well.

In theatres Now

Courageous” – has great reviews and features great Christian music – available everywhere !





The Passion of the Christ – Chronicles of Narnia  – Evan Almighty  – Amazing Grace – Chariots of Fire  – Lord of The Rings  Cinderella Man – It’s A wonderful Life – The Princess Bride -The Incredibles  – Shrek – Elf – Bridge to Teribithia – Journey to the Center of the Earth – Nimms Island – Cars – A Bugs Life – etc…

Online Resources to check out:

Focus on the Family – “Plugged In” – Media Review Site and Radio Show

Christian Christian Cinema is a great site for kids under 13 and has a great TV series, iShine KNECT TV available in  DVD format

to purchase DVD’s – I recommend as a one stop shop these guys: CBD –


Ok, Ok…You get the idea…  What are some of your favorites ? Jump in on the comments section so we can all enjoy ! It’s time we went proactive in our approach to teaching our kids about life and media and truth. If we don’t… the movies will do it without us. Parents, its critical that we make the effort to be around for our kids… its our job to filter the facts from fiction !

Peace out,



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