Seasons of Change… a parents perspective of Fall


Man, the air gets cold at night, the leaves pop with color and the humidity goes AWAY!

It’s like God suddenly loves me again… after all of the heat and frustration of summer, outdoors is suddenly somewhere I really want to be.  The transition is always so quick, one day its sweltering hot and the next your reaching for a sweater and finding excuses to take a walk.

Fall.fall river and bridge pic

Ahhh… thank God. Cool days and breezes that refresh and remind us of the life seasons we live in and through and around. Summer is great for a few weeks, then we’re ready for some fall. Fall is great for a few weeks then we’re ready for Christmas and snow… soon the gray of winter makes us weary, and just when we need it…Spring blooms to revive in us the color of life. The cycle of change is relentless, it’s beautiful and at times so aggravating.

Nothing stays the same.

Life moves on, it cycles through with our without our approval or acceptance. It’ just does. Like a beautiful tapestry our lives become interwoven with our work, friends and family. We form relationships for life and then they change. We find love and then we loose it, we gain joy and hope and then we find fear and frustration and anguish. We have babies who grow into kids and then adults,  we catch ourselves for a fleeting glance in the mirror and realize we are now our “parents” age, life slides forward and onward, like the seasons…beautiful and fleeting.

Life will not wait, change is calling again. Seasons are moving forward and we have a chance to contribute our small fragment, our thread to the whole. Our kids are growing up, moving from one age to the next. My three are in distinct seasons with separate challenges, triumphs and tragedies.

Time to rediscover your kids, they are changing too. Take some time soon to walk in the leaves… to re-acquaint yourself with the cycle of life your kids find themselves  in. My youngest is a freshman in high school and my oldest is about to become a freshman in college. They are beautiful times, scary times, but wonderful and not to be missed. Once enjoyed, forever gone…but all the more precious for it. They need specific time, focus and attention… prayers for their safe transition from one age to the next. My son for his identity as a man to be secure… for my oldest to “hear God” for herself and for my middle daughter to grow into a life full of “Peace”.

So savor the moments you have with your family this season…whichever that is for you and yours. Resist the temptation to be distracted by looking over your shoulder or too far ahead…. today is the day and the only time we may have, and your family awaits.

Hit the road with your clan and get out there, take your kids to find some pumpkins, a corn maze or some delicious homemade apple crusty sugar combo in the countryside. Doesn’t matter, take them. Live with them in… laugh with them, love them. Experience this season of your life with eyes and ears wide open… enjoy and embrace the process, the sacred parenting journey we share.

For me, Fall is forever….

Peace out,


PS – these pics are from an earlier fall family escape to Fall Creek Falls State Park in Tennessee.

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