Beyond resolutions… faith, family and fun. My 2012 determinations.

I’m sure most of us who have lived long enough to grow a family and pay a mortgage have survived many new years day celebrations and may arrive at work “fresh” off of our seasonal break…just a bit jaded on the whole “new year resolutions” game. So this year I’m making three “determinations” instead of a few resolutions like I have in the past. In the past, I’ve”resolved” to lose more weight, exercise more consistently, eat better, pray more, sleep more, work harder, be nicer, spend less, save more etc… all of which I’ve kind of succeeded at for some period of time, only to watch my progress slowly fade in the barrage of life that seems relentlessly to distract and redirect all of my best efforts.

HOWEVER…There is a resolution…or maybe it’s better described as a determination that I made in 2004 that has changed my life. It involves spending regular time in the word with God each year and with it has come an awareness of my inability to sucessfully live out my life without some major help from my faith and family and friends. Since 2004 I’ve been able to watch in wonder as God has re-organized and realigned my life, my family and my faith to better fit with God’s will and not the other way around. I encourage everyone out there who is struggling to find a sense of purpose, or desperate to recapture their hope for life…to go ahead and take this simple step of spending time with God before you rush off to buy PX90 or invest in a timeshare. 🙂

Need help doing that? Try visiting (DAB), which  is the best place I know to find practical day to day resources and real community support in reading through the word of God in a year. It’s free and it’s amazing, you won’t be disappointed. Just click on this link to get there.

In the years since my “determination” to spend more time with and allowing God to “fix” my broken places, I found that as a side affect I actually did begin to exercise more, loose weight and eat better. I found that my drift towards irritation, temperament and poor attitudes re-centered into a healthier place and that my patience and love for others began to increase. Not because of my sheer will power to come through with my “resolutions” each new years eve to “do better”, but because of my closer proximity to Jesus each day.

So, for 2012… I’m avoiding the “resolution” tease and sticking with the basics. I’m determined to continue to put my faith, family ahead of all else and attempt to have a little “fun” along the way. I’m trusting God to keep my heart and mind on a path moving ever closer to who He created me to be and the rest I trust will fall in line with that.

Yep. Faith will need to be my anchor in 2012 like it was in 2004, 2005, 2006… no matter how much or little I discover is in my bank account, no matter what the blood tests show from the doctor this year or how much tuition will be for college. Faith will need to be my “determination” for the next twelve months. Faith that God has a plan. Faith that God will provide, and Faith that there will be grace to cover all of my shortcomings and triumphs in the year ahead.

Family will continue to be at the center of my life. My wife, my three beautiful and hormonal teenagers, my parents, my co-workers, my community of faith all will remain essential and vital relationships to be nurtured, loved and respected. I am just aware enough to know that I cannot figure things out on my own, that a hermit faith existence with just “me and God” isn’t going to cut it. Not in any year.

Fun... well that’s all a matter of opinion now isn’t it ? Rest assured… I’m planning and “determined” to have some this year. With God, with my family and with my work. After all… who wants to live a safe and boring 2012 ?

de·ter·mi·na·tion” = noun: firmness of purpose, resoluteness – (source)

Happy New Year RTP readers and God Bless as you seek to keep your families on the road and in between the lines of life !



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