Exhausted or Emptied ? Is there a difference…

Received this email from a long time pastor friend and mentor of mine today… It was so encouraging for me and exactly what I needed to remember. As parents don’t we often begin to feel exhausted and overwhelmed by the relentless day to day struggle we face to maintain our homes in some kind of order? Or maybe you’re battling a sense of creeping frustration that spills out from of a lack of observable change in your kid’s behavior? Or for those of us who live in a community of faith, you may well be feeling these same exhausted emotions from another late night in which you just got dumped on by a last minute call or coffee with someone whose seemingly un-solvable life crisis has been brought to your exclusive attention because they seem to think you the only one who can “fix it”. Sound familiar…?

But then his email came across my screen this morning like a breath of fresh air and so timely in helping me reorient my perspective!  So, I’m Sending out a BIG THANK YOU to my dear friend for sharing this encouraging treasure with me and I felt led to share it with our RTP world today.

“Wayne’s email: 

This message ministered to me today and I wanted to share it with you…

 Jesus said to Peter – “Feed My sheep,” but He gave Peter nothing to feed them with. And we are all called to go feed His sheep. The process of being made “broken bread” and “poured out wine” means that you will be the nourishment for others’ souls until they learn to feed on God. Before they learn to draw on the life of the Lord Jesus directly, they have to draw on it through you. You are the bridge through which the real truth and healing message of Christ will travel. And this is how God uses us to minister to others. We are called to serve, and serving takes energy and effort. This process has the potential to deplete and exhaust us.

 But here’s the important principle: we shouldn’t be exhausted, rather, we should feel emptied. But we need not remain emptied, for we can always return to the Source of all power to refuel. God’s Word promises you strength and power, and the Holy Spirit is the energy source that refuels us so we can continue to serve others.”

 Pastor – Wayne Detweiller

—————————–(repost of his email from  Jan 6th, 2012)———————————

Thank you Pastor Wayne for your encouragement and helpful insights. Wayne and his wife Sue serve in the Franklin TN area as pastors and have co-founded a great new ministry Life-Bridges . To find out more…

Pastor's Wayne and Sue Detweiller

A Christian Life-Coaching Ministry
Wayne and Sue Detweiler founded Life-Bridges to equip, encourage and empower individuals and couples to find freedom and fulfillment in Christ. Reaching out to individuals, engaged couples, married couples and parents workshops, retreats, seminars, and Christian Life Coaching Sessions.
Our mission is to connect people to purpose.
Sign up for our blog or to follow us on twitter at 1lifebridge. Join us for The Marriage Bridge, The Parenting Bridge, The Freedom Bridge, or the Engagement Bridge. Begin Christian Life Coaching sessions to move to a new dimension of clarity, freedom, and restoration in your marriage or personal life.

3 thoughts on “Exhausted or Emptied ? Is there a difference…

  1. Thank you for sharing this Brian. Very timely as always. 🙂
    I’ve been pondering this very concept over the past few days. Wondering why I seem to be honored with the challenge of endurance over and over. I battle the thought that eventually God is going to tire of my needing to refuel. That’s when I become “tired”, “overwhelmed”, “exhausted”. Those are the days when I’m just “hangin in there”. This should really never be should it? It’s really ridiculous. He gave us His Spirit. He came to dwell in us. To give us life so that we can comfort, heal, cast out demons, and above all love. I know full well that most in my circle of friends think my plate is already full enough and don’t want to put more on it, but there is always more. It comes from unlikely places and in often inconceivable circumstances. Sometimes those circumstances drive me to my knees in tears. But THAT is where I should be from the start. So I have begun to spend more time there in preparation. It’s becoming less awkward to have someone ask if I have time to listen and pray, less unbelievable that I have some bit of God to offer to someone; less strange that they can see anything in me that tells them He might want to minister to them through me. I am so thankful for His mercies. I am humbled by His love. I am so in awe of His care through the community of faith He has placed me in. I am alive and life giving in His Spirit “Such is the confidence that we have through Christ toward God. Not that we are sufficient in ourselves to claim anything as coming from us, but our sufficiency is from God, who has made us competent to be ministers of a new covenant, not of the letter but of the Spirit. for the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life.” 2 Cor 3:4-6

    Thank you again big brother.

  2. This is a good reminder…as long as that “Bridge” doesn’t become a “Toll Bridge”. So often I see people that need the help, be taken advantage of and have to pay a “toll” because we think that just because GOD is using us, that we have this; almighty authority over everyone we are helping. Remember; God is working through & using us to SERVE & TO LOVE where they are AT THAT MOMENT. We do not do it because we think the church or ourselves will get something later from those we helped now. Too many times I have seen those in need, have to pay a price to receive this Love from the ones that claim they are spreading. This Love is already paid for. We walk ALONG side with them, not over them or where they have to “Pay a Toll” to receive our so-called “Serving Others”, that we so often claim we are called to do- by GOD Himself! Jesus walked along side people and served them. And later; In GOD’s time, those we helped will be called by GOD HIMSELF to do what they are called to do,— not by us!. Jesus paid the toll for all us “Bridges” – let’s not make others WE serve, pay “our toll” and then sprain our own arm by patting ourselves on the back for a job well done. GOD did it – ALL credit goes to HIM…Always!

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