Celebrating “Mom”

Mom’s are amazing… seriously, AMAZING. They suffer endlessly with occasionally stubborn spouses, bi-polar-hormonal kids and the normal reality of caring for their dysfunctional families. Dishes, laundry, cooking, shopping, toilets, baby poop, dog poop, bird poop… lots of poop in the mom world. Add to that the weight of worry and angst about how the home looks, feels and smells and mom’s get a 360 degree 24/7/365 level of stress that men and kids will never full comprehend.

My mom has a vigorous, full and active life, she still works 20+ hours a week as an office manager at a media group, works with our church ladies in mentoring, counseling and prayer, hosts a weekly lifegroup in her home and manages to handle all of the book-work for our local church as well as coordinate our weekly and monthly volunteer events and activities for over a hundred people. She helps get meals to the sick, pick up clothes from the dry cleaners, fix dinner on Mondays for her entire extended family and pick up kids stranded at school…  yesterday we celebrated her 72 birthday.

My Mom celebrating "LIFE" on her 72 birthday !

I’ve watched in amazement as she has gotten younger and younger each year. Filling with vitality and grace and beauty as she pours herself out for others…she relentlessly loves EVERYONE. She accepts everyone, cares for all like her own and surrounds each of us with a hug, and laugh and kiss. Her smile is constant, her joy overwhelming and her zest for color and life are legendary. She has not only survived motherhood, but has thrived in it. Capable of seemingly limitless amounts of giving and serving and hospitality. I’m not kidding when i say..she has never met a stranger in her life.

You might think she has lived a charmed life, isolated from the pain and tragedy of loss… but not so. Her childhood life story is not an easy one, her losses and tragedies are as deep and painful as anyones, surviving the pain of many of her family, friends and loved ones passing. Married for over 50 years and the mother of two sons, and six grandkids, she has a healthy number of young one’s to keep up with…so she has become prolific with Facebook, Skype and her recent Christmas present from dad…an iPod Touch. She loves to listen to music and cook, clean and work her way through a day, humming and singing slightly off-key to some elevator music channel with Celine Dion or Kenny G. She takes precise care of her husband…my dad, who has survived a quad by-pass heart surgery, two strokes and various health concerns as is common with a 74-year-old, all without loosing a step…

Point is this… she is ALIVE. Full of promise, full of encouragement, full of hope and full of excitement, laughing… ever learning, always eager to explore and never allows her fears to hold her back for long. She exudes joy… and the smiles she shares with us, can overcome the worst of days. I’m so grateful for my mom…I’m beyond the read of mere words for describing her love and her faith and her hope for me, my family and our lives. She helped develop in me the love of the road, of adventure and of exploring… She is the one who encouraged me to roadtrip with Brian when life quit making sense, and to stick it out with my wife when our marriage hit the rocks. She encouraged me to explore the calling of ministry in my life… she never quit, on me, on herself or on God. It’s amazing how much a mom can change the world… she continues to change mine, all the time.

Mimi's Family in Canada - June 2010

My encouragement to parents, to worn out mom’s out there… keep trying, keep getting back up, keep lifting your head after fighting the feeling that your really deep down, just a parenting disaster… I promise, things will come into focus, life will re-set, and purpose will present itself to you in time. God has not set you up to fail, He isn’t using your life circumstances as an endless test of your faith or fortitude, He is making something BEAUTIFUL in you. Something eternal, something tangible and effective and endless in its impact.

He is making Himself into you, allowing His glory to shine through and re-capture the beauty and grace and hope of life…one mother at a time. I’m encouraging you to take the time to today…

TODAY, take the time to Celebrate your Mom, or the mother in your life! They love chocolate, and ice-cream and candles and bubble bath crystals…  My mom’s facebook is http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000209615118#!/profile.php?id=1619877514 – if you know her, or want to know her… stop by, tell her I said “Hi” 🙂 … Tell her she’s AMAZING…

Happy B-Day Mom (Mimi) !

We love you…

3 thoughts on “Celebrating “Mom”

  1. Facebook postings from 3-12-12

    Meredith Buch Housel Happy birthday Mimi!
    Yesterday at 9:53am · Unlike · 1.

    Tom VanGaalen What a blessing to have met you at Four Winds Mission, last September! Enjoy your 29th birthday, Mimi! 🙂
    Yesterday at 9:55am · Unlike · 2.

    Amy Conner Happy Birthday to one of the sweetest ladies I know and treasure. I miss you guys and would love to come visit soon! Tell Wooley Hi. 😉
    Yesterday at 10:27am · Unlike · 1.

    Derek Merrill Happy Birthday to one of the best in the world!
    Yesterday at 10:35am · Unlike · 1.

    Rick Greene Happy Birthday to one of the coolest ladies on the planet !
    Yesterday at 11:35am · Unlike · 1.

    Heather Alwine Eracleous ♥ My Mimi!
    Yesterday at 12:25pm · Unlike · 1.

    Jill Parr No doubt about it. The best! Happy Birthday, my dear friend! ♥
    Yesterday at 12:55pm · Unlike · 1.

    Barbara Avellino Please wish Mimi a happy birthday from me!!
    22 hours ago · Unlike · 1.

    Brad Mathias ‎Marilynn Alwine Mathias, Heather Alwine Eracleous
    22 hours ago · Unlike · 1.

    Emilee Coblentz beautiful woman
    21 hours ago · Unlike · 1.

    Hazel Bennethum Such a beautiful lady!
    18 hours ago · Like.

    Hazel Bennethum I agree Tom! I met her there last September also. Happy Birthday Mimi!
    18 hours ago · Like

  2. What a wonderful tribute to your mother. I was actually lucky enough to meet Mimi during a visit to Four Winds on Sunday September 4, 2011. My husband and I were in TN and while there, I was determined to attend the church service. My husband didn’t want to go with me so I went alone. I was a little nervous but also excited to be able to meet Brian & Jill and to hear Brian’s sermon in person. I will never forget the lady who greeted me at the door that morning. She was beautiful inside and out and she made me feel “at home” immediately. When she found out I was a DAB listener, she took me immediately to meet Jill and Brian and then showed me to a “special” seat. I have never forgotten her. Mimi is the kind of woman I want to become.

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