Ressurection Sunday always leads to “reality” Monday

John 20:27-28Then he said to Thomas, “Put your finger here, and see my hands; and put out your hand, and place it in my side. Do not disbelieve, but believe. ” 28 Thomas answered him, “My Lord and my God!” (E

Easter celebrations often eclipse our real lives. The surge of home life, family…friends, kids all gathering over huge meals and attending church services in their sunday best, focused on the ritual celebration of new life, resurrection and hope that Christ brings to dearly held traditions of faith and family. We want everything to be just right… new dresses, easter egg hunts in full bloom and exquisite sunday brunch after the service leads to full and sleepy afternoons. By the time monday morning shows up, we’re weary and bleary,  sluggish from the rush of the weekends events and extra visitors in our lives.

School, work and routine resume their “normal” status in our lives again and we rush off to complete our duties as responsible citizens in an effort to maintain the status quo of our life. Only this Easter its different…

It may be that we are longing for something more, something profound?

Hopeful that somewhere down deep in our hearts… we can find the joy of  Easter Sunday and the promise of  resurrection lingering on into our monday? But it doesn’t seem to work that way for us…it doesn’t FEEL that way today. We feel empty, tired… worn out and doubting if anything in our lives can or will ever change.

Be encouraged, God is still God. His resurrection is still a reality regardless of how we feel or don’t feel. Sunday worship has subsided, but it has not evaporated, its impact is still resonating in your heart of hearts. God is with us, with you. He has not left or withdrawn from your monday anymore than he made an extra visit on sunday, He is constant, sure, relentless in His heroic love.

Today’s daily reading was waiting in my inbox and it was perfect….I posted it on the top of this blog. It reminded me of the truth of Easter, Christ is coming for each of us. Thomas didn’t see or “feel” the resurrection power of Christ on the third day, and when the other excited and emotional disciples gushed on Thomas about their own faith and hope being restored in Jesus as the Messiah… Thomas had that familiar cynic’s “wait and see” attitude. Something most of us can readily appreciate.

Literally. Thomas wanted to “See” it for himself…

That’s o.k., no problem… Christ did come for Thomas… twice according the Gospels. He was determined to show Thomas the truth in ways that Thomas couldn’t refute, ignore or escape. Not to provoke Thomas, but to persuade Him. Jesus was relentless in sharing His resurrection reality with Thomas in the weeks following His miraculous recovery from death to life.

The Incredulity of St. Thomas." Benjamin West, c.a. 1790. Leeds, UK

Christ is coming for you, for us. He wants to “show you” His love, His power to overcome any obstacle in our lives, any pain, any loss that has caused you to shrink back from the risk of trusting Him again. You’re in great company…

The famous “Doubting” Thomas went on to become an amazing effective and active Apostle to the Asian continent and shared his refound Faith and Hope  for decades as an ambassador and ultimately a martyr for this resurrected King Jesus. His personal struggle of faith didn’t disqualify him in God’s eyes… and rest assured, neither will yours.

Look for Christ’s touch in your circumstances on this monday after Easter… and look for Him in all the Mondays to follow. His reality is ours to share. We just have to reach out and “touch it”….

Peace out,


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