Growing Young as we age… essential for Faith

Loved this blog so much I’m just reposting a portion of it for RTP and linking it to the original author/post….

“Why childlike imagination is the key to mature faith”…. (repost from and “Don’t Grow Up” article author John Van Sloten – May 2 2012 )

“I have a friend named Lillian. Even though sheʼs in her seventies, sheʼs younger than me. She is so alive and she always seems to be laughing out loud. Every time I talk with her, sheʼs brightly attentive and exudes this wonderfully genuine sense of joie de vivre. She refuses to act her age. When I see her this way, she reminds me of God.

Writer G. K. Chesterton once wrote, “It may be that [God] has the eternal appetite of infancy; for we have sinned and grown old, and our Father is younger than we.”

Our capacity to be amazed and to wonder seems to diminish with age. We donʼt look behind, beyond and beneath things as much; nothing surprises us anymore. Weʼve grown old, and our imaginative vision fades along with our cataract-clouded eyes. This malady, this loss of our childlikeness, is a huge impediment to seeing God in the world. Our lost innocence deadens our senses.

We canʼt go through life as though everything is brand new. But we have to be very careful about how much we think we know. We need to know things, while realizing at the same time that we really donʼt know much at all, and that there is still so much more to learn.

Children are naturals at knowing things this way.

Leaving room for the new and unknown

Children are young enough and still humble enough to realize that what they know isnʼt everything there is to know. Of course, none of us ever really knows that much, relatively speaking, yet we tend to lose touch with this grounding perspective. We lose this healthy humility of childhood. We think we know how God works. Or we think weʼve seen all there is to see of God in life. We go to church, sing a few songs, help at the local soup kitchen, read the Bible once in a while and think we know something. We settle for what we think we know and, by doing so, leave little room for a greater knowing. Maybe itʼs because weʼve never experienced God in ways other than the narrow confines of our own lives.

But what if God is new every day?… post continues on


Mimi today

Closing thoughts from Road Trip Parenting;

Working each day with my 70 something mom is a daily dose of Joy and her inner child is definitely alive and well, so much so that she brings fresh energy and ideas to every situation of life she encounters. She is a genuine delight to be with, and represents the truth of this article to such a degree that I would simply point to her as “proof positive” of this articles main point.

Grandparents out there… its time for you to revert to your childhood and rise up 🙂 We need you desperately in our lives!

Thank you Mimi for being SO YOUNG, your a blessing to us ALL…

Peace out, RTP


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