SHIFT with Francis Chan and George Barna

If you happen to be in the middle Tennessee area this week. I really wanted to make sure the RTP world knew about a family and faith event sponsored by iShine / Bema Media  in Nashville on July 19th, 2012. SHIFT!

We’ll begin at 7pm at Fellowship Bible Church in Brentwood TN. Featuring a dialogue with popular thinkers and authors Francis Chan (Crazy Love ) and George Barna (founder of the Barna Research Group and author of Revolutionary Parenting) , as well as youth pastor and blogger, Chris Spradlin (Epic Parent.TV)   for a 90 minute discussion on the state of the pre-teen and teen family in the church. Designed to help bloggers and media gatekeepers to keep up with the SHIFT’s in culture and social behavior among our pre-teen generation and media.

This is an invite only event, and will not be open to the public. It is free, thanks to our generous sponsors. If you are a concerned parent, have a heart  for the family, your own blog or work in media …we would LOVE to have you stop by.

You are invited, but please RSVP at – as we have less than 50 seats left. I would love to see you there. Peace Out, Brad!


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