Fighting through Fear

Recent tragedy and the senseless loss of life in Colorado must have reminded every parent on the planet Earth of the dangerous world we are raising our kids in. For those of us with a family, we’re especially concerned about the risk of participating in public activities and events.

I’m not sure how to react to these unpredictable and violent acts… or how to interpret them in the broader scope of culture and behavior. But it seems to me, we will have to respond one way or another to the media barrage of facts and figures and endless predictions.

My immediate response is to try to ignore it as non-legit concern for a middle-class suburbanite family, and push it back in the recesses of my mind as “distant”… or “far away” from my life, from my kids. But if I don’t consider the reality of these events as being possible… I am living in simple denial and selfishness.

Denial of the changes in the world at large and selfishness in my desire to only consider the issues of life that intrude upon my sacred routine. I don’t want to live in denial and I don’t want to be myopic.

So… here is what I’ve decided.

I’m going to live, but live aware.

I’m going to do things, but do things with focus and intensity…as if I might not get to do them again.

I’m going to plan to live and do and be the way I always dreamed I would… with no regrets.

I’m not going to give into the temptation to move into a defensive and isolated posture, motivated and controlled by an undefinable fear of “what If?”.

As a Christian parent, and spouse…I have been given the gift of courage and confidence and hope. Not in myself or my abilities, but in my future and that of my children and wife. I will see them again, no matter what…the promise of faith in Jesus Christ and a life eternal.

It drives home the reality of how important it is to transfer our faith to the next generation… not everyone who reads this can confidently say… I’ll see my kids no matter what. Some of our kids are unsure of their faith. Some of you parents are unsure of yours… the tragedy in Aurora, CO could help us all to move past that apathy and act.

If you have not pursued your kids hearts yet… it’s time. If you have not allowed God to capture yours…it’s time.

It’s time to settle that faith issue once and for all. It’s time to trust in the promise of life. It’s time to LIVE.

No matter what!

Want to know more… find out how? Just send me an email ( …I’m not an expert, but I do care.

Blessings of Peace and comfort to you and yours in these trying times, and when you tuck the kids in tonight (no matter their age) …say a prayer with them, and ask for strength to be granted to those families who just lost a child or loved one in Colorado. We can all do our part… one prayer at a time.



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