Minor Miracles… Major Faith

We tell our kids the stories in the bible are more than a symbol, that in fact they are “literal” illustrations of God’s power and presence in our lives. But do we really believe that?


I only ask because I’ve noticed that kids seem to really believe that God will respond to their prayers. As kids pray, they do so expecting to see something happen… when parents pray, we often approach prayer as our duty, rather than the spectacular privilege it is, a chance to directly ask God for help.

I had a chance to see God work some miracles in my family this week. One was subtle, the other spectacular.

The subtle answer to our prayer could have been missed as “coincidence” or a totally natural outcome to the time and effort and desire we invested to get a solution to one of kids chronic health concerns.

My wife and I know better. The answer we received was after months and months of praying, seeking and waiting for God to direct and confirm. When the answer came it was a simple and profound revelation as to the true cause behind our health concern. Wonderful.

Very cool. An answer to our prayer, but certainly not the parting of an ocean or the revived breath of someone recently deceased. But a minor miracle none the less. It’s answer has influenced my daughter and her entire understanding of faith and God and divine intervention. She has taken a major step up in her faith as a result.

The other miracle was spectacular. Undeniable. Fantastic! Everyone who knows of it can only nod and shake their heads to the awesome grace and power of God to intervene and overturn injustice and pending punishment to one of our other family members.

These modern day miracles in my home, have reminded me how essential and practical prayer must become for our problems, our frustrations and our fears. God has provided us not only with a method to deal with our stresses and anxieties, but an opportunity to share that with our kids as we experience life together in a family setting. When we share in the challenges of life and ask God for help together, we all get to see faith in action and the sure to be seen minor miracles become the major steps of faith for our kids.

The next personal or family crisis you experience…put it before God in prayer first. Ask your family to pray with you. Then step back and watch as God shows up and works in and around the situation or circumstance in ways that can only be described as “Miraculous“.

Peace out,


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