Carly Rose reminds the world what a 13 year old CAN do…

Working in the music world of Nashville with pre-teen and teen artists I’m used to coming across amazing talent with iShine (, young men and women who are vocally talented and gifted. But this 13 year old (Carly Rose Sonenclar) was not what I was expecting… after watching her X Factor performance, I was a fan… A Facebook post by my niece piqued my curiosity and then I starting typing out this blog.

I watched the video and reposted it… and when the goosebumps started to fade I realized part of what I was feeling was the pure joy of hearing a voice that was meant to be heard! A gift from God that stirred the heart and refreshed the soul, from the lips of an emerging adolescent girl who at 13 was tearing IT UP!!!

It reminded me of the amazing potential our next generation has to shape our world, to refresh and reorient us from our adult cynicism, heartache and bitter pain. Our kids hold the keys to the future, literally. As in Carly Rose’s case, she can hit all the “keys” on her way up and on the way down the vocal scale 🙂

As parents… let’s use this wonderful musical interlude to remind ourselves of the vitality and strength that is retained in the lives of our pre-teens and teens. Their dreams and hearts are just big enough to become reality, let’s be extra careful to NOT put their hopes in a box made out of our own shortcomings, failures and pain.

After all, Jesus was in the temple at 12 wow-ing his world as he shared with the scribes and teachers of the law from a depth of divine insight that was unprecedented. Josiah was running an entire empire by his 13th b-day and Mary the mother of Christ had to be in her “early” teen years when called upon by the Holy Spirit to play a lead role in the eternal story of redemption.

Jesus in the Temple –

It’s clear that pre-teens and teens were and are meant to share a lot of valuable stuff for us “adults” to learn from and they carry in them… hope and heart and optimism for us all!

WoooHoooo!!!  You Go Carly Rose ! and we’ll be rooting for you in Nashville every step of the way, and praying for God to protect you and your precious family from the rigors of your emerging fame and success.

Before any one out there gets too upset, I’m NOT comparing this young talented singer to the Lord Jesus Christ, or the Virgin Mary, but I am pointing out the potential she has at tender age to impact the world as noteworthy and encouraging for parents of Faith. What a great and timely reminder for us to nurture the dreams of our own children as they  may well have a significant gift like Carly’s to share with us all!

Blessings to you RTP families!


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