Going High enough to “Hear” God’s voice

It seems that when I need to hear from God, really need to get some clarity…direction, peace for my path, I have to go up. Not just as a metaphor, but literally. I hop in my SUV and I head for the hills…or the mountains if at all possible. My favorite haunts are the mountains that surround Bow Lake in the Canadian Rockies, northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado’s Sangre De Cristo mountain range and the foggy peak of Mt. Mitchell in North Carolina.

Bow Lake – Alberta, Canada


Not entirely sure. My best guess, would be because I have Swiss heritage and genuinely love mountains. Combine that with intentional process of leaving my routine and day-to-day behind for the isolation and extreme beauty of a mountainside, and suddenly it seems I have room in my heart and mind to hear the voice of God much easier.

The bible talks a lot about going up to a mountain top to visit with God. From Abraham to Moses to David, the mountains were where men went to talk with God, to confirm a covenant or to simply listen. In the New Testament we see the example of Jesus who often went quietly alone to pray, usually on a mountain top or hill.

It seems the concept of going UP to God is a biblical one. It symbolically provides us with the reminder that we must go up to get a better perspective, a clearer view of the world we live in.  As we get higher, the details of our lives get smaller and the vastness of God’s creation and beauty get larger and larger until they block out all the rest.

If your finding it hard to “hear” God these days, if you exhausted in Spirit and wornout from the battle of raising a family and maintaining a marriage. It may be time to get a little elevation in your life.

Pack some warm clothes, grab a map or GPS and hop in a car over a long 3 day weekend and make the drive to a peak or mountainside near you. Grab a southwest flight on super saver or Priceline your way to the nearest range, do what you have to do. But go! Get UP, get reoriented and refreshed in the presence of your Creator and his magnificent creation!I promise if you make the effort to unplug and re-gaze on the pure glory of nature and invite God to speak…you will be changed.

It might be your time to go and refresh yourself… the mountains are calling, God is asking…will you come up and spend some one-on-one time with me?

Something to seriously consider.

Peace out,



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