Pop Tart Politics

I know there is a serious debate going on in America this fall…an election is being held that could dramatically affect the course of our nation for generations to come.

photo Forbes.com

Our kids are hearing about it in history class and occasionally ask us to change the channel from the news to Nickelodeon as we adults listen in on the wise and passionate pundits who push their parties positions from dawn to dusk.

But in the kitchen a different storm is brewing…

Who stole the pop tarts?

Yes, a terrible crime was committed. Sometime after church let out on sunday and snack time in the afternoon, one of the three teens in our home, snuck into the kitchen cupboard and STOLE an entire brand new box of pop tarts! Cookie Dough flavored no less.

evidence of the crime…

I arrived home after driving my oldest back to college ( a 3 hour drive round trip) to find a ruckus in the kitchen, one of the teens was about to interrogate the other for “stealing” an entire box of his favorite pop-tarts, the accused was looking to me for protection and safety as he felt the previous weekly purchase of pop-tarts was eaten before he ever had a chance to enjoy them.

The situation had broken down into a disagreeable and potentially violent conclusion, with one box of tarts taken, and the other box left feeling lonely and unloved. (Smore’s it seems is not the popular pick) As I investigated the situation further, I was advised that the injustice of this matter was severe and that other family members should not continue to be angry about past grievances, but rather learn to grow up and start to share the pop-tarts of today in the present. 🙂

I listened carefully and then suggested that there had been three boxes of pop tarts purchased, one for each of the boys involved and that surely they could find a way to each have their own box of treats for consumption in peace. As I left them to head upstairs for a round of shoot-em-up Playstation 3 game time, I smirked and laughed to myself how similar they sounded to the guys I had just heard on Radio and news TV.

Everyone on the tube and in my kitchen was convinced the other had “stolen” something from them, passionately convinced that their particular situational injustice trumped the others. No one even took the time to say they were “Sorry” for their selfishness or insensitivity to the other for gobbling up their favorite pop-tarts knowing it would leave the other without. The battle moved from the facts of the alleged crime to the “feelings” behind it all.


Sounds a lot like the news headlines these days.

So my advice to our politically passionate is the same as to the three boys. Maybe it’s time that we all learn how to share our pop-tarts and forgive and consider the needs of others as greater than our own.

Funny… that sounds a lot like a mountain top sermon in the bible….from a guy named Jesus. Holy cow…how did we get from pop-tarts to politics to a sermon on the mount? I Dunno…. but it seems to fit. Doesn’t it ? 🙂

Peace out fellow parents and don’t forget to smile today as you may be called upon to defuse your own family kitchen crime when you get home!

For those passionate politico’s out there… vote your conscience, just do it in a way that brings honor to the King of Kings and set’s a loving example to your family on how to participate in the greatest experiment in self-government the world has ever known. In other words, maintain perspective.

Love you guys,



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