Fearfully and Wonderfully Made…

Today’s post is a bit different. I rarely “endorse” folks, but felt led to do so. I want to introduce you to a new friend of mine, a youth pastor and innovator in the world of Christian media and ministry… a really authentic, good guy by the name of Chris Spradlin.  A friend of iShine and my dear comrade Robert Beeson, Chris has been guest blogging on our website at ishinelive.com. His southwestern roots and salt of the earth style, allow him to reach deep into the heartland of America with a message of Hope and Promise and Faith that will stir your soul.

Chris has a growing family ministry known as EpicParent.TV which has a solid following of youth and children’s pastors, parents and an emerging base of fans from across the globe.

Pastor Chris Spradlin

His posts, insights and practical understanding of today’s teens and media are first rate. His new e-book is FREE to download and is a great resource for parents with teen boys as it’s content delves into the world of pornography and sexuality in the digital age. He is a speaker, teacher, pastor and father, but what I recently discovered is how remarkable is his marriage.

His wife Jodie exemplifies courage and strength for all moms and wives to draw inspiration from. Her story is shared in a short 4 minute video on the Epic Parent site and it is a “must watch” for wives and tween – teen girls who are struggling with identity, appearance and acceptance issues. (which is EVERYONE)

Jodie Spradlin

I’ve set up the link and player here on my blog (simply click her picture on the left), but wanted to personally endorse and encourage you to support Chris and his beautiful wife Jodie in their ministry to teens and tweens. That means, prayerfully consider supporting them with a financial gift, regular prayer and for sure links to social media. Please take a few minutes to let your friends, family and local pastoral team know about this remarkable and effective husband-wife ministry.

We need more Hero’s in the world today, and our kids especially need them more than ever! So share this video, and download Chris’ book. Watch Jodie’s testimony  with your daughters and sons, sit them down this week and  take the time to talk about real life. Consider Jodie’s story and how pain and tragedy often can come into our world unexpectedly and then point to Jesus and then to Jodie as examples of how God can work in and through any circumstance, no matter how tragic… to make it turn out beautiful.

The Spradlin’s represent the finest in sacrificial love and servant hood. What better role models could we as parents ever ask for… Go Team Sprad!

Peace out RTP readers…



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