Hope and Change…

The elections are almost here, Obama or Romney? Time to choose, time to place your bets and roll the dice… who is the best man for the job? Who can deliver on the most promises and who will provide a better America for our kids and grandkids to grow up in?


Hard to say isn’t it?

Obama is an iconic and historical first for America, but his values and beliefs represent hope for change from the status quo’ and recalls to us the dreams of every American who has ever suffered injustice. His call is for us to trust in the government to step in when we can’t.

Romney is a no-nonsense businessman who claims to represent the pragmatic and disciplined might of our American ideals, hard work, conservative values and economic prosperity. His call is to trust in his ability to “turn things around” and in his lifetime of success in the boardroom.

Choose and vote your conscience, but remember… there is only ONE true answer to our universal cry for “Hope and Change”.

Putting our faith in a man, or an economic system to protect and provide is what repeatedly tripped up the nation of Israel in the historical record that’s found in the bible. They too found the temptation to trust in something visible, touchable and popular….outweighed the teachings and traditions of their Hebrew faith. The families who lived through the  Exodus from Egypt had forgotten to keep fresh the miraculous evidences of God’s provision. As a result, their trust and faith in Jehovah slowly faded,  lost in translation from one generation to the next.

I’m fearful for our nation that we are approaching our challenges with a similar mindset. Hoping for a plan, or an economic philosophy that we can “see”, trusting in only logic to create a way to recover our financial health and restore the fortunes we’ve lost.

What if no one can figure it out?

Let’s be careful that we as families of Faith don’t begin to place our trust in the wisdom of man and ignore the patterns of God and the obvious history of our unprecedented blessing as “One Nation Under God”? Isn’t it time to begin respecting, believing and trusting in God’s word as a nation again?


This year… vote with a clear understanding that the man we elect is only a servant of the people, meant to reflect the values, beliefs and character of our nation. The only true source of lasting “Hope and Change” is going to come from us, the people, the real faces of America and what we choose to do every day.

Let’s each renew our personal commitment to walk with and trust in the power of God to guide and provide the “best” way forward for our families and this nation.

NO man, NO Plan and NO force of will is going to save us from ourselves…Only Jesus.

Peace out, RTP.

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