Our Crazy Black Friday Beachday

Hope everyone had a great Turkey day with their families…I sure did. I must confess a crazy impulse overtook me during my thanksgiving post-tryptophan haze. Our family kid gang is all mostly grown-up now…late High School and College aged… and as you might expect…”broke”.

Black Friday was looming and the girls were exciting chattering about the sales, while anxiously counting their limited cash. I had an epiphany somewhere between the second and third helping of Chocolate creme pie and cranberry salad. The BEACH!

RoadTrip Destination Reached!

My kids hadn’t seen a beach in over a year and the opportunity was right in front of us… Thanksgiving was at my brother’s house this year and he was only 2.5 hours from the Atlantic ocean. I grabbed my super-duper smart phone and checked the weather forecast. Sunshine and 65 F for the coastline…. PERFECT!

I had a seven passenger SUV and a tank full of gas. Black Friday wouldn’t strangle me this year…no long lines at the local Best Buy or Target for this uncle… we’re going for sea-foam and sunshine and some heavy iPod playlists to keep the party rolling.

Ft. Fisher, NC beach

Six am hits and we’re on the road, sucking down java and cranking out the “Black Keys”. All six of us crammed into a vehicle at 70 mph and empty roads to the southeast….Drowsy but stoked to be rocking along on our spontaneous roadtrip to Wilmington NC and the beaches nearby.

I have to confess… we had a blast.

The sun showed up right on time and we walked the pier, jumped the surfline and cruised the empty beaches for the better part of four hours. Blue sky’s above and thundering Atlantic surf below… we had found something better than a killer deal on a new watch or sweater, we were running, jumping, seashell collecting fools.

After rushing our way to the beach we slowed our pace and truly enjoyed the day. Munching on Gyro’s and fries at the college diner we refilled our tanks and then discovered the southern charm of the port city of Wilmington was exactly what we needed. Kilwens  in the heart of the downtown district was SUPERB!!! The sweet treat’s and homemade ice-creams proved to be worth the wait and walking the historic cities cobblestone river front streets was educational and amazing to see as we soaked up the sights and sounds of an active harbor full of history and beauty and sunshine fun.

Walking the Black Friday beach

Late November sun does start to fade early and so did we. Climbing back into our vehicle we hoofed it back to Raleigh to catch up with the “old-folks” back home. Exhausted, but satisfied with our adventure.  We had ducked the “normal” for something extra-ordinary today and everyone agreed, it was worth the drive!

RoadTrips are amazing. They break the monotony of life completely to little-bits and open us up to brand new ideas, experiences and dreams…. stuff gets downloaded directly into our hearts and heads.

This Thanksgiving was extra special, I got to hang with my twin nieces and my own almost grown up- kids. We didn’t have much extra cash this year, but we did have a brief moment of precious family time to share and we made the most of it!

Love you guys ! Peace out,

Uncle Brad.

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