Closing thoughts on 2012.

An entire year gone…. just like that.

I remember getting ready for 2012. So much uncertainty, an election year… Mayan Doomsday predictions, economic clouds and fears of recession. Jessica getting ready to graduate from High School…. all just poised to come crashing down on me.

Funny thing, now that I think about the specifics…it all worked out just fine. Great in fact!

Seems that there was indeed a path for us to walk together through all of that uncertainty. Each week and each day we got up and put our pants on just like any other, struggled to be good and faithful parents, spouses and friends. Made some good choices and bad, but moved forward because we had no other option. FE_DA_NewYear2013_122012_425425x283

2013 is going to be much the same. Lots of unknowns, lots of new things to discover and learn. The question is always the same… are we going to give it a “Go” by ourselves or live life along with others? Will we pick up ALL of the burdens as solo acts or will we allow GOD and others to step in and walk with us through the struggles and triumphs of the coming year?

My prayer is for you to remember the goodness of God in the coming year. To trust in the provision and peace that God promises to us and to live each day with others. Not isolated and alone, but risking the struggle to live out our faith along side like minded parents and friends as a family of faith.

2013 is brand new, unspoiled and fresh. Don’t live in the fear of what can or might go wrong, but embrace it as an opportunity to find out what will go right.

Living vs. Surviving…. one is an adventure full of exhilarating peaks and valleys…the other is a dreaded, tragic and overwhelming daily slog. Including God in the day to day gives us the fresh insights and perspective we need to see the adventure when all of our circumstances scream “crisis”.

Recognize this New Year as the perfect chance to experience God afresh. Get in the sacred scriptures, read the words of life. Watch yourself as it changes you from the inside out… and watch as your family begins to grow…one day at a time. I promise if you make the effort, it will be worth it.

Daily Audio Bible  (Brian Hardin) is the best place to start your new 2013-  A FREE and daily service, it provides you with the chance to read or listen your way through the entire bible in one year. DAB Not alone, but in a community of faith. It will let you get as involved as you want, or stay as far back from Christians as you need to. It’s a no – pressure, no hassle way to engage your faith and dig a little deeper into God’s word in 2013.

No way I would try to navigate the next 12 months on my own. I’m done with attempting to survive life with only personal opinions and instincts to guide me… I’m trusting 2013 to a much higher power 🙂

Happy New Year RTP!

Pastor B.

2 thoughts on “Closing thoughts on 2012.

    • Agreed. It’s a dangerous thing to risk being hurt. Many are so wounded already they just can’t do it yet. But I believe God has a way of directing others into our lives who are willing. That’s my prayer for you.

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