Spring time in Spring Hill TN

It’s amazing to me how sometimes only a little bit of effort can get a SIGNIFICANT response from our kids.

Like going outside during the brand new weather of Springtime! Any other time of the year kids will usually slowly yawn if you even suggest going outside to do something… but for those first few weekends of sunshine and warmth, they scramble to get up, get out and get moving!

Recently, I made the extra effort  on a clear and sunny Saturday  to move my car out of the driveway ( in front of the almost regulation hoop set I got from Sears six years ago)…and casually invite the kids to come out and play with dad…. and POOF! Like magic… we had us a spring game of backyard basketball!

My 75-year-old dad decided he would play with us and we suddenly had 2 on 2 match going and my Dad was having a blast! He was wheezing a bit, but so was I and when he got a bit peaky… he held onto the ball and passed a lot. Caleb and Paul whizzed around us both with the endless energy and lungs of teens and we got seriously waxed.

Within 30 minutes I was pushing down on my thighs like they might move without my permission and it was very clear to everyone (including our next door neighbors) that the boys had thoroughly whipped the old men. 🙂 Gasping for some air I sat down to wipe the sweat out of my eyes with a huge white smile framing my face.

I would readily risk a coronary to get to spend some time with my boys and enjoy the brand new springtime air with my dad! These moments don’t come very often and I was just thrilled to have the chance to be there.

I think that’s exactly what God feels when we choose to take the time to open his word and talk to him as his children. Nothing complicated, just a sincere desire to get to know him a little bit better… not a last second, working our way back to God for a 911 call,  frantically speeding our way through a prayer checklist of urgent “needs” and “wants”… but the simple and profound act of just being alone with him.

I think He enjoys us spending our free time with him over anything else… like I enjoyed my unexpected multi-generational game of pick up b-ball last Saturday. Full of love and fun and pure joy at just being together, no agenda’s… no pressure…just father and son.



Makes me smile to think about the fun in store for me next weekend… the ultimate frisbee game on Sunday I played with our teens at Church may be having a rematch and if they do, you can bet I’ll  be there!

Peace out my fellow parents, and remember it’s really time… it’s Spring Time and we have this once a year chance to really get out and get moving with our kids… something we should all take advantage of, before our time runs out.

Pastor B.


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