Sluggish-ness in Prime Time!

Feeling a bit “sluggish’ today?

Don’t worry, me too. In fact, it seems the last few mornings I’ve been especially challenged by the alarm…digging deep to just get out of my really comfy, really warm bed. But the sluggish stuff I’m talking about today is a bit more nebulous… even cerebral in nature, it seems to come and settle into our hearts and minds and slowly rocks us into a mild hypnotic state. It leaves me feeling disconnected, and apathetic about lots of important things…

According to the FREE DICTIONARY; Sluggishness is…
1. Displaying little movement or activity; slow; inactive: a sluggish stream; sluggish growth.
2. Lacking alertness, vigor, or energy; inert or indolent.
3. Slow to perform or respond to stimulation.
Life seems to come at me so fast and so crazy at times, that my innate mental defense is to simply slow everything down and dull myself into a sense of nearly comatose consciousness. It helps me cope with the anxiety of a hundred problems a day and not enough time to solve them syndrome. ( i made that up) 
Some of the sluggishness can be simply the fatigue of physical exhaustion, but I think this is different. It feels like my psyche is trying to protect my brain from going into redline territory and my body is all too willing to simply cooperate.
I tend to drift away from important relationships and connections with my family and friends, from my community of faith and I start to look for ways to avoid social activities and talking with people. Then I feel like crud and my Christian guilt meter starts to blare a inner warning and I have to start to rationalize why I’m being such an introvert and that really does take too much energy, so I just watch TV or hide in my work… and remain SLUGGISH.
My tried and true treatment of choice is a three mile path at the local city park. Borrowing from my hip son’s iPod playlist – mixed with some of my own classic Switchfoot and Coldplay albums… I’m in my Addidas and out the door, at 43, I’ve learned that stretching before walking, jogging or any exercise is essential and before I know it… I’m starting to loosen up, muscles to my mind. I even enjoy the sweat and the leg cramping  as I breath deep from the fresh air while blowing out my mental cobwebs with some seriously good music! My 3 mile moment to reflect seems to do a functional “reset” of my mind and body…all in about 45 minutes.
It helps reorient my body and mind into a fragile friendship once again and the sluggishness fades away… combining exercise with a podcast or two of the daily audio bible (or equally spiritually nourishing content) and I’m rapidly loosing my spiritual apathy as well as my emotionally “empty” status. Nothing works like scripture to put my mind, body and spirit into balance and…then I’m ready to look at my life”head-on” again.

As parents, we can’t afford to allow ourselves to dive too deep into the distractions of personal reflection and pity, we have to be careful that we don’t picture ourselves as “victims” and mourn daily over our unappreciated sacrifices. We can’t linger on the pain of our 15 hour work days and often thankless kids or spouses.
We are Parents, the protectors of our families and the real – life, making a huge difference mentors to our kids. Our lives will slow down after they move out, but for now… we’re in “Prime time” and we can’t pull back too long or too far to just “recharge”, we have to develop strategies to keep ourselves fresh and focused and spiritually alert to the issues and demands of our lives.
Bottom line, we all need find out what works the best for our own personal “reset“, and then do it regularly to blow out our cobwebs and get ourselves back up,  moving… and out there!
Our families are counting on us !
Love ya,
Pastor B.

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