Why Snickers IS satisfying…

I just dug through our office bowl of mini-candies and discarded the Snickers with Peanut Butter, Snickers with Almonds and grabbed for the simple but awesome, “Original” Snickers for a quick snack with my coffee. It’s true, Snickers really DOES satisfy. Made me think a little about the pressure we feel as parents to “modernize” our Christian faith for our kids.

The Original

The Original

After years and years of candy-confection strategic product development, test groups, focus groups and doubtless millions spent on marketing and branding… the ultimate selling point is still the original version of their iconic chocolate, peanut and caramel blend. It’s amazing, especially the smaller mini-bars because they don’t feel like your stuffing yourself with junk. (it’s more polite to graze your junk food)

OK, back to the point.

Snickers really does deliver on its claim. It’s product has stood the test of time, decades of rival candy makers, new strategic marketing initiatives (almonds, peanut butter etc..) all have come and gone, but the original version still is king of the candy-bar mountain for me.

It’s a “sweet” reminder for us as families of Faith, to remember we have the “original” on our side. Jesus Christ is the ultimate “original” that “satisfies”.

We don’t have to keep inventing new variations of the original to keep everyone’s interest, we don’t have to re-dress or update our designs to make the truth more relevant to fit a new generation of hungry folks, we can stick with the tried and true of Life and trust its simplicity and strength will endure the momentary fads and fickle nature of our modern cultures beliefs. When souls get really hungry.. I believe they will look for something tangible in life that truly brings satisfaction. 

In the end, I strongly believe…our families will come back to find that the one original Jesus, is “as advertised”.

Nothing else will really satisfy….

Stick to your faith parents, live it with love and compassion and sensitivity, but when your tempted to put a new wrapper on your faith…or mix it with some new popular ingredient… please don’t, it’s going to be better just as it was and has always been. It’s appeal is bigger than the moment, and it’s going to be here long after we are gone, satisfying and delivering on its promises until all is made right again.

But who knows…maybe, just maybe…Snickers will grow on trees in Heaven, and if that turns out…it would be a “just dessert” ! 🙂

Peace out RTP, Love … pastor B.


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