Motherhood in 3G

Happy Mothers day everyone!

I need to make a small disclaimer, I still live with my mom. YEP, I’m 43 and still live at home. This is not a “failure to launch” kind of scene, with a rowdy Terry Bradshaw pushing me to go and find a life… not exactly. Failure_to_Launch

My mom lives with my family and has a rather comfortable space she shares with an old man, (which she says she found at the police station) and together they live in our lower level basement. We have a unique home, full of people. My wife and I have 4 kids and the previously mentioned two old people who live downstairs. If your counting that’s eight (8) people and one slightly terrified dog, all under one roof. Fortunately we have been blessed with a large home, six bedrooms,  five baths and two full kitchens with lots of space to roam and a limitless supply of dark chocolate and Chardonnay.

That’s not what this blog is about. It’s fun, but not the point. The point is… My mom lives with us and it’s Mothers Day weekend and it’s time to focus on her and all she puts up with, or maybe we need to focus on my wife, who is a mom and she has to deal with me, my parents, four kids and a dog. Either way, we need to focus !

Motherhood. We’re supposed to be celebrating Motherhood in 3G, that’s my cutesy reminder that moms and their work are never complete. In fact their amazing influence seems to spread outward to each generation it touches. From their own direct children to grandchildren to the children of friends to the neighbors and even to the kids of the friends of the neighbors. Etc. You get the idea… a mom is always being a mom, no matter what. A mothers love draws family, friends and strangers alike.

My mom’s smile and love is  like a warm soothing hug and a perfectly timed pep-talk on a really bad day. She’s mothered more people than I can count, hundreds…thousands of people have been “loved” by my Mom. Seriously, she is never – ever afraid to share her love with anyone who needs it. She’s that kind of mom. beaver-and-mom-in-the-kitchen-385x270

My family is deeply dependent on mom. She hosts a weekly dinner every Sunday at 6pm sharp. We all gather around her old people table in the basement and she cooks and cleans and serves us as a family. We share about our upcoming week together and laugh and cry and enjoy life together! It’s magical and it’s wonderful and it’s all because my mom is being exactly what God created her to be. So THANK YOU MOM! We can take that amazing and most precious stuff of life for granted if we’re not careful.

For those of you 24/7/365 moms with youngsters crawling around, who can’t change another diaper or blow your 3 day dirty hair out of your eyes one more time without threatening to run through your living room window and straight to a mental ward… HANG ON! Help is coming 🙂

Remember the strength, influence and wonderful grace you have been given in Christ and when that doesn’t work, gently hand your kids over to a mostly responsible individual (preferably a husband) that loves you…and bail from your world for a day! It’s officially time to hit the spa. Remember while you’re soaking in the suds and having a Mani-pedi, sipping on a deliciously refreshing fruity thingee… you are so irreplaceable!

AND IF YOUR REALLY NICE.. when you get as old as my mom, and treat your kids with some kindness maybe your kid will allow you to move in and he will take care of you as compassionately as I do her.  🙂 


Pastor Brad.

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