Summertime is Road Trip time!

It’s officially “summer” season now, Memorial day is in the rear-view and the 4th of July is fast approaching. What are your plans to enjoy life as a family ?

Courtesy of WARNER BROS / Kobal Collection

Courtesy of WARNER BROS / Kobal Collection

As a fervent advocate of “roadtrips“, I can’t help but step boldly up on my soap box and start my ardent gospel cry…. GO GO GO, TIME TO GET OUT, EXPLORE… DRIVE, DISCOVER and COME ALIVE !

Summer is the special sauce, the moment of each year that a special convergence of work and school schedules that allows for spouses and kids to be in one place at one time and I believe that needs to be “  ON THE ROAD”!

Determine your destination and budget, pick the dates and pack your bags… it is time to GO “O” away. I don’t care if you head for the hills, the hollers, the beach or the peaks… just get everyone in one vehicle and drive. For those of you rigid planners and procrastinator’s alike, get crazy…be spontaneous and dump a dose of adventure back into your life.

We only have a few precious years to discover together. To learn and love and laugh and explore the treasures of our world as a family… you cannot do much better in creating a lifelong family memory than taking them on a cross-country RoadTrip!

Your kids may never remember your day in and day out consistency in providing a roof over their head, clothes on their backs and a full belly…but I can guarantee you they will tell everyone they know for the rest of their life about the Amazing Adventure they had in the summer of 2014!

tate huesmann - candid shot - May 2012 FB picTake the time to invest in your family, THIS SUMMER…

Remember parents, the ultimate language of love is TIME, and to our kids it’s so essential that we stay firmly connected to their world and they to ours. Smashed into a ten by ten box (car) for days on end is one of the most amazing incubators for parents to re-establish common ground with the ones we hold most dear.

I promise you… the adventure of discovering and admiring the beauty of Gods creation as a family, is unequaled in its ability to create new and powerful relationships with your kids and your faith.

If you have teenagers or tweens… it’s an essential milestone moment waiting to happen. Don’t let it pass you by.

Love – Pastor B.

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