How well do we celebrate being a family?

Listening to a recent CD called “Campfire” by the  Rend Collective experiment, I was struck by a simple truth they point out in their opening track… Isn’t it time that we learn to “Celebrate” and begin to enjoy our lives…?   Isn’t it time as families and pastors and “serious” adults, to remember the hope and fun and Joy that our Faith truly affords us ? To actually attract people to want be involved with us, to honestly be allowed to explore our faith and engage with the authentic communities we share as Christians.

Rend Collective CD

Rend Collective CD

The CD’s metaphor of choice is the “Campfire” itself… a place of light and warmth and comfort in a dark world, the campfire is meant to reflect the truest nature of the church as God intended – a place of honesty, intimacy and safety for all who come to gather in it’s flickering illumination.

Get this CD/MP3 if you don’t have it.

I highly recommend these guys as legitimate ministers of inspired music and it’s clear they are full of God’s Holy Spirit. They as a group are FUN, REVERENT and IRISH all in ONE SUPERCOOL Musical Celebration moment!


The Rend Collective project reminded my dad’s heart to be more intentional about celebrating my family. To make the extra effort to carve out time for us to go and have fun, to be silly and break our routines with something unique, unexpected and memorable.


Toronto Skyline – source

So… our family is going to Niagara Falls this Fourth of July ! We’re going on a Roadtrip. Piling into the now iconic Honda Pilot (The same we took to Canada in 2010) and driving up to New York and into Ontario Canada to spend 3 days exploring the shore of Lake Ontario, Niagara and Toronto. I have a TV interview / appearance outside of Toronto for the book (Road Trip to Redemption) on the national Christian TV series 100 Huntley Street ( a major Canadian TV talk show)

Parents… let’s be sure we relax our grip a bit this Summer! We can let down our guard and slow down enough to enjoy our kids, our spouses and our lives as God intended.

This summer…  be intentional about chilling out… GO HAVE FUN, let down you hair and eat fatty – sugary – un-healthy things with your families… relax your rules for a few moments and watch as your kids respond with surprise and then open joy at the opportunity to live with you in the moment. A priceless and incredibly important area of our lives that many of us need to grow in.

Peace and Grace RTP!

Pastor B.

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