Looking for answers…

Listening to Rush Limbaugh on Fox News on the drive to work this am… He was pragmatically reviewing how messed up our world is  with the show host and said something like this; “I’ve been on radio for over 25 years now….and I’m starting to discuss the same exact problems for the second time in my career… it’s all meaningless to debate this stuff. It keeps happening over and over and stays the same. It’s really pointless.” (Fox Morning News – 7-02-13)

WOW, His comments reminded me almost verbatim of the words of Solomon; King of Israel over three thousand years ago. In the book of Ecclesiastes he wrote these words…

 ” All things are wearisome,more than one can say.
The eye never has enough of seeing,
    nor the ear its fill of hearing.
What has been will be again,
    what has been done will be done again;
    there is nothing new under the sun.
10 Is there anything of which one can say,
    “Look! This is something new”?
It was here already, long ago;
    it was here before our time.

(Ecclesiastes 1: 8-10 NIV)

It reminded me of the temptation to exhaust ourselves trying to “fix” or solve the flaws in our world, we can comprehensively study, prepare and diligently implement brilliant cutting edge solutions to age old issues and in the end it seems we will find ourselves right back where we began.

sci.gallaudet.edu - source

sci.gallaudet.edu – source

That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to improve our world, our lives or help our neighbors in need… but it does mean we should be careful to understand those efforts only “relieve” the problems, they don’t solve them.

It would take a GOD to fix the enormous mess that we are making of our world .

Yes… Exactly.

Cliche’ – I admit, but as I age and live and learn… it’s that simple statement that makes EVERY difference for me. When I invite “Jesus” into my life, my family… my world, things change. Not just superficially – but from the core to the exterior, made different, made new.

I’m trusting that one day God will return to our broken planet… and re-set our world back into a proper balance, restoring life to it’s intended state, existence as it was meant to be for the entire world, but until that time… I’ll focus on remembering to invite the ultimate solution of Jesus  into my life’s difficulties whenever I can.

Until the day that Jesus is re-instated as the rightful ruler of my heart, my home and our planet… things are not really going to change much, but the Christian believes that day will come and all our questions will be answered.

ALL of them.

Peace out and Happy “Freedom” Week from RTP !


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