Dangerous Water… Roadtrip to Niagara Falls

Just back from a great five-day trip to Niagara Falls with my family… learned a lot, discovered more and had a blast along the way, what an Adventure we had!

Before I take the time to share about the sights and sounds, tastes and treasures of our 2480 mile excursion… wanted to share what God taught me in those brief – brilliant days we shared as family.



Lesson 1)  Humility not Hubris  🙂

First… I may have a book and be a pastor  but I’m still just dad to my gang and I’m every bit as screwed up as I ever was, a  flawed  parent who cannot hope to function apart from regular and heavy doses of Grace. (Definition of Hubris – Wikipedia)

Lesson 2) Big Waterfalls are awesome, And dangerous. They require our respect !

Transitions occur all the time in life, but there are specific seasons and times that are more strategic than others. Moving from High School to College is such a time… and it can be dangerous if ignored, like swimming in a barrel over Niagara Falls ! Not recommended, but occasionally survivable.

Lesson 3) Different viewpoints and perspectives can help provide healthy contrast and clarity.

Our trip took us from Nashville TN to Toronto Ontario and allowed us to experience the shifting geography and cultures along the way. From the rural horse farms of Kentucky to the asphalt urgency of  the urban world, from the simplicity of an Amish farm to the Vegas vibe of the tourist mecca known as Niagara Falls. These contrasts provided us with a rich context for our family to experience and appreciate each for its amazing uniqueness and beauty, not discounting one for the other.

now.msn.com -

now.msn.com –

In the next few posts… we’ll share of our drive and  adventures and maybe go a bit crazy with some ethnic food, jet boats, indie alt rock music, late night fireworks and even a taste of Moroccan Canadian cuisine… Each story shared honestly along with a healthy mix of the fun, the boring, the frustrating, the angry and of course Jessica’s contagious laughter.

I’ll start at the end and work our way back this time…

God is too good to us, His pathways always exceed our expectations and His provision for our families well being and growth is perfectly timed.

On this 4th of July 2013 roadtrip… we re-discovered each other and remembered the truth of God’s creation and majestic power to bring hope and renewal to any life, any home at anytime.  I could once again feel and see the epic power of a road-trip to re-connect us as a family, and was relieved to find it had not diminished even with college kids.

Fun with Frisch!

Fun with Frisch!

So buckle up and hang on… we’re about to go over the edge and into the turbulent rapids below… it’s a dangerous but breathtaking journey we’re on. Time to see if placing our parenting faith in our God is well placed or a foolish coping mechanism reserved for a religious minority in denial.

Peace out !

Pastor B.


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