That dreaded day arrives…

My father’s heart is hurting, my munchkinaroo is going to college.

When my oldest (Jessica) went last year… it was really hard, but she did so well – and grew up so fast as a college student, my fears for her quickly evaporated. She was ready to go when the time came and jumped out of her little nest into a University world with relative ease.

munchkinaroo 2006

munchkinaroo 2006

Munchkinaroo is different for me. My youngest daughter and middle child… at 18, she still likes to crawl up on my lap and watch movies, She loves to be home and hang out, cook and generally be daddy’s little girl. For me to consider her leaving home… that’s one of the big day’s in my parenting life that I’ve dreaded.

It’s every dad’s despair… the understanding that his little girl has grown up. To realize and recognize (not the same thing) the strength and maturity of our kids growing into adulthood and with it… greater freedom and responsibility. ( Yikes… I sound like a college brochure)

Still it’s true. Days we dread to face… I know when I pull away from her dorm on Thursday my eyes will be burning and my heart will stinging as I ride off and “LEAVE” her behind.


By Her self.

No one to protect her.


And while all of that may “seem” to be the case emotionally.. my pastor heart reminds me that we’re never alone, never by ourselves in the battle of life and we’re always being protected by our heavenly Father who keeps us from harm and directs our path to safety.

Rites of passage are never easy… but they are OH SO IMPORTANT.

Have courage fellow college dads… you are not alone, there is at least one other red-eyed father praying his guts out somewhere, surviving the pain and the joy of watching our child become an adult….

Bethany - 2013

Bethany – 2013

I can’t help but wonder how God feels when we grow up in our faith… Proudly cheering us on as we step out bravely into new life experiences and higher levels of trust. I wonder if he’s as proud of me as I am of my munchkinaroo ? … Applauding from a distance at the faith we grow and show to him, as parents…fathers, daughters and sons.

Peace out and pray for me… I’ll need it.

Pastor B.

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