The Low “T” factor in Families

Low “T” is the latest trend in over-the-counter direct sales for men battling with the side effects of low Testosterone. At 44 I’m listening for sure… but the truth is I am actually more concerned about the low “T” factor for families, the rapidly evaporating time we have available each day/week/month to be with our kids.

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On average our Families of faith are consuming 65-80 hours a week of media (sources – Barna Research – Orange Group 2011) with an astounding 1.5 -2.0 hours a week at church or in church activities. The massive accessibility of the digital age has made every smart phone, tablet and laptop an instant portal to universe of ideas, images and values that need filters and context for our families to process and understand. That means – parents being nearby and alert enough to help them sort out the good / bad and the in-between.


I believe the battle for the soul of the modern family of faith begins and ends with our schedule.

Parents… PLEASE consider saying “NO” to some things in your life, starting with your kids. Say “NO” to the next fundraiser or team sport, say “NO” to the urge to over-commit at school, at work… at Church! Our families don’t need more things to do, or more significance from achievements or activities… I believe families need more un-scheduled space and time to just “be together”.

The idea of a Sabbath rest… well it’s sort of antiquated and worn thin in the fury of our modern-day lives. But it’s not irrelevant, in fact I believe it’s needed now more than ever. God in essence is commanding us to “Slow Down” to “Rest”, and to allow ourselves to catch up. It’s our world that keeps revving us up to go faster and further… our loving father is wisely pulling us back to re-set and revive ourselves each week before we launch into another frenzied sprint to the Friday finish line.

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“Lord – help us to lighten our schedules and rest, show us where we can simplify and cut back. Help us to re-connect with our kids and teach them how to play and rest and enjoy time as a family, unstructured and less hurried.”

Peace out, Pastor B.


Recommended Online Resource  – Family Media Diet



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