Moving forward

Ever watch a teen get really excited about some brand-new life opportunity? Their eyes glow with anticipation and they are immediately lifted from the depths of their hormonal fueled struggles-insecurities and fears. They seem to live and breath with only pure and positive energy, bouncing as they walk. Goofy smiles on their faces as they dream with endless enthusiasm for their certain and sure futures. They over-simplify and under-consider the risks and challenges required…but they sure do believe!

How many of us as parents or teachers or just “old” folks brush past that naiveté’ and idealistic hope we see in our youth? Smashing and grabbing our way – forcing their glowing gazes back into the “practical” world we know. Often we act dispassionately dissecting their dreams with a cold and certain cynical scalpel – forged from our own failed histories and painful memories.

It is true…as adults we know that life can drag us backward, that dreams and ideals can fade in the harsh glare of practical experience….but it’s not the ONLY truth we know. Dreams are the fuel of our souls… the seeds of what “could be” become the harvest of our adulthood. When we give up on our dreams, we in essence let a piece of ourselves die. Our kids are ALIVE and full of the juice of possibility… we have a choice to nurture that or invalidate them into something less.

Parents, as our tweens become teens and our teens become adults… we have a significant voice in their futures. If we speak only from the pragmatic prism of cold-hard-facts, we can greatly diminish our kids and ourselves. We need to be very wise here… if we’re not careful in our haste to correct and educate them, we can end up sucking the optimism of life out of their hearts.

Let’s not let our disappointments, mistakes and tragic choices sabotage the hopes and dreams of our children. Yes they may be naïve and idealistic to the point of absurdity… but it’s those crazy hopes and dreams that fuel our lives. Someone will be the next Zuckerberg, Oprah, Edison or Steve Jobs… someone will follow their hearts fully, daring to believe and create from their dreams, safely carried from their adolescence into adulthood.

Shame on us if we smash those precious seeds of tomorrow before they ever get a chance to grow.

Faith is more than pragmatic trust … Faith allows us to see hope and potential in the midst of improbability… and our kids need us to have Faith in them and Gods’ ability to make the impossible… real. Our kids were created for a purpose… they have the blue-prints for something remarkable, something life-giving – beautiful and so necessary for us all.


Blessings, Pastor B.

PS – Latest RoadTrip radio interview with Diane Markins and her Bold Living Talk Show airs Saturday (9-28-13)

Bold Living is a weekly talk show meant to approach life with grace and grit in order to challenge, encourage, equip and propel listeners towards bolder choices! Listeners may tune in to KPXQ 1360 AM Saturdays at 11:05 AM (MST) or visit to hear podcasts any time.

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