Great Fullness = Gratefulness

Thanksgiving is officially upon us.

Some of us are scrambling to get last second bags packed to sprint our way to Mom and Dad’s house, or pushing through Kroger to grab the last list of essential foods & snacks that Rachel Ray suggested were ideal for hosting a modern-day T-day feast.

Some of us are just struggling to get out of bed and restore some kind of order to our out-of-school-but bored to tedium- kid ravaged homes. While we wander dazed from our lack of a scheduled life, we dodge kids and clothes and towering piles of dishes. At some point we gnaw on our lower lip, realizing that somewhere in between cooking and cleaning and keeping up… have to shift gears and move all of the Turkey decorations and orange themed candle displays into the hall closet and pull down the Christmas stash in time to not be the last family to get the lights out in the neighborhood.


Whew. That’s a LOT to keep up with. That’s a full plate as they say… 🙂


Happy Thanksgiving everyone, and remember carve a little “me” time out of that Thanksgiving Turkey schedule this year. Enjoy, love and embrace the messy world of a full life and family, knowing that the FULLNESS is a good thing.

Freedom From Want - Norman Rockwell 1943

Freedom From Want – Norman Rockwell 1943

Great FULLNESS (Gratefulness) is contagious. It’s not a useless ideal or a single moment in time when everything and everyone in our world is just like Norman Rockwell painted it be.

Instead… Great FULLNESS is an understanding that all we have and do and are together is beautiful and unique and extra-ordinarily amazing. Even if the bird bakes a bit too long or the gravy never quite thickens, and you can’t find your youngest child’s matching sock.

Hang in there moms and dads and enjoy the wonder of surviving the holidays, knowing that in the crazy and wild world of family… lies a beauty and purpose that transcends it all. We are truly blessed.

Love you all, Pastor B.


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