Epic Living… The Gabby Giffords Story

As parents we’re always looking for role models to show our kids.

We want to teach them of the lives of heroic leaders from our past… people like Washington, Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr. or Madame Curie, legendary figures from history to inspire them to reach higher, to aspire to lead lives that matter.

Gabby Giffords - www.today.com

Gabby Giffords – http://www.today.com

We all want our little ones to grow into men and women of character and influence, children who would grow into adults to stand strong in the face of adversity and live with courage in the midst of tragic events.

Look no further mom and dad… in a rare headline of hope, Gabby has emerged as a legitimate modern-day heroine. Someone we can teach our kids to emulate, an example of Epic Living for us all.

Gabby's Jump - courtesy the Today Show - www.today.com

Gabby’s Jump – courtesy the Today Show – http://www.today.com

Gabby Giffords has done more than survive her tragic shooting three years ago…. she has overcome it.

I was so moved to see how she commemorated the third anniversary of her tragic attack in Phoenix AZ (by skydiving), that I’m blogging about it. I want to ask you to pause long enough to read more of her story and share it with your families. It’s unusual to find public leaders who live in such a way as to command all our respect…but I believe Gabby’s story does.

I’ve provided a great link here for you watch her story (from NBC – The Today Show) and see how her life has become a testament to incredible faith, gentle strength and un-believable endurance in the midst of great injustice and tragedy.

Gabby and her faithful husband (NASA astronaut Mark Gifford) are putting an exclamation point on commitment and inspired love for an entire generation.

Peace and Grace,

Pastor B #inspiredtoliveanepiclife


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