Ashes to Ashes… dust to dust

Ash Wednesday is tomorrow, the start of Lent and a surprisingly important time to reflect and for some… be renewed.

A season of contemplation and renewed perspective. Not only should we consider the epic sacrifice’s our savior made on our behalf, but also on the path He chose to save us. It’s only natural that we might consider to the path our lives have taken. We all have dreams and hopes, we all have regrets and frustrations…but each Lenten season I can’t help but take the opportunity to reflect on where I am in the timeline of my life. Ash Wednesday pic

To take the time to ask and pray and listen… God, where are my kids at in their journey… my wife, me ?

Am I zooming way off into the distance, frantic and desperate to stay ahead of the curves? Maybe even way ahead of God and his timing? Or am I slinking back a bit…dozing off into comfortable apathy, lethargic and ignoring the issues of my life that need tending ?

Or maybe, on reflection you find you’re doing great! Walking in sync with your faith and living with purpose but you can’t help but notice there might be some trouble on your growing teen’s life horizon.

Ash Wednesday provides us with a time of realignment. A shifting of our priorities and energy. The ashes we use on your forehead represent the dust of the earth (from which we came and to where we will return) and thus our own human mortality. For many of us, our lives loose perspective and it’s a struggle to remember the joys and privilege that is to be alive. Circumstances subtly re-arrange our goals from living with purpose to simply finding a way to survive. Often I find that the deep issues that derail me are the same one’s that I already know God has asked me to give up. 🙂

As you consider your life and the family you love so much… ask God to show you the areas of growth and change that He would want. Consider the things in your life that might be just out of balance, needing a “nudge” in the right direction once again. To do so is the essence of Lent and wonderful tradition that our church fathers have been leading us in for hundreds of years.

My hope is for your family to enjoy the simple and profound beauty of an Ash Wednesday service in your community and take the time to participate together. Not as a religious rite or guilty obligation, but as a time of helpful realignment in your busy life.

Peace out, Pastor B.

For more information about Ash Wednesday check out these sites;  CBS, and Wikipedia


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