All we really have…

Good advice from a leader in my life. He said at my ordination… “All we really have is our brokenness.” I’ve found out… truer words were never spoken.

Parents, as we traverse the paths of our life… we will trip, we will slip and we will fall.

Get up.

Go on. Go forward and don’t look back.

Our kids will respect us for what we get right, but they will LOVE us for admitting what we did wrong.

Being straight with our kids about our own failures, weaknesses and struggles… gives room for grace and forgiveness and true faith to grow. Without humility and authenticity, we’re in danger of creating behavior modified fakes who learn to how to “play” church and risk going on to live passionless – faithless lives.

Millions of us have grow up – messed up- from the false faith of a generation of artificial Christians…, you know the type. Those smiling – well dressed people who taught us to “grin and bear it” as we struggled to survive. We learned to maintain the status quo of our lives above all else, hiding the fact we were desperately unhappy.

Parents, we don’t want our kids to live like that… driven by feelings of guilt and failure because we/they couldn’t figure out how to live their lives as perfectly as everyone else did.

Let’s agree to show our kids what a true life of faith can be like. We may walk with a limp after a few decades of hard-headedness, but we have a real and tangible life of faith to share with them. Something true and gritty and honest.

Parents, in our brokenness… we have a chance to model for the next generation what a genuine Christian life looks like!

We don’t have to have all the answers or have our stuff together, in fact no one really likes a “perfect” person at all. We all recoil from that seemingly “all together” pride and falseness. Deep down we sense we’re flawed, broken and yet unique and irreplaceable people. Let’s live with enough grace to make room for our own failures. Once we do… we’ll find it much easier for us to extend that grace to our kids and they to us.

Peace out,

Pastor B.




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