Just a touch is enough

I’m amazed at how much we parents have to endure. If anyone had told us how much difficulty and despair we would experience as a father or mother, pretty sure we would have seriously reconsidered if parenthood was right for us. Kind of like the conversation we would have with ourselves about marriage. If you knew how hard it would be…. etc.

Parents (MOTHERS) seem to soak up all of the pain and pressure our tweens and teens bring to us... like giant emotional sponges we gather up our loved ones into a warm embrace, seeking to dispel whatever funk has stolen their joy and happiness. We soothe and smooth, reassuring them every day as we remind them of God’s faithfulness to make all things right… and new.

But what about us?

Who makes our hurts and woes go away after a super long day on the treadmill of reality in our parenthood?

Is it Facebook, Cabernet or the Xanax hidden in our cabinets that brings us our comfort and relief ?  Maybe it’s a warm bath with a fantasy novel full of romantic men and women who live their lives with passion and destiny 🙂

No matter your coping method of choice, it’s obvious to any who have dared to do it… parenting a child all the way is tough going. We get tired, we get exhausted… we get empty.



Imagine becoming so desperate for some relief that you would do anything, meet anyone… go anywhere to get help. Imagine feeling that way for over a decade… then you hear of strange new Rabbi nearby. Someone who helps common people get well. Probably exaggerated stories of healings and miracles, but out of options…you go.

As you arrive, crowds seem to flow around and over him, but despite the chaos, you can sense the truth in Him. If I could just touch his robe… If I could just get close enough to touch him… I could get relief, I could find help!

And so we read of the woman in Mark 5 who did just that. She simply reached out and touched his garment, and “He” healed her. The power of faith memorialized for eternity in this simple act.

He” is Jesus… the Christ, the living son of God. His heart is unchanged and He stands ready and willing to heal your deepest pain and darkest day with just a touch. It changes everything!

Parents, when life get’s insane… take the time to touch your faith again!

It takes determination to get through the mental crowds that form in our heads… strangling life and choking out our hearts. But it’s time that must be invested if we are going to make this parenting journey from adolescence to adulthood intact.

I’m strongly encouraging you to find your way to a community of faith that intentionally seeks to refresh parents and wives. I DARE YOU to take the risk of embarrassment and register for a weekend of retreat… see if I’m right.

Let His touch remove your sadness, pressure and pain over a weekend of rest. Watch and be amazed as He replaces your fatigue with Peace and certainty and Hope.

Your family will thank you… and your time away won’t be wasted. I promise.

Pastor B.


Mark 5 (Biblegateway.com) (ESV) verse 25 “For she said, “If I touch even his garments, I will be made well…”

Women’s Retreats: – Daily Audio Bible (Georgia)  / Mission Chattanooga (TN)

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