The Secret Life of an Ordinary Parent

I love the movie “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” ! I love it for all kinds of reasons… the photography, the acting…the comedy and the complexity of all the dialogue, but most of all… I love the celebration of an ordinary man’s character and integrity, which is the “most beautiful thing” !

Walter is this super-plain, ordinary fellow with an extra-ordinary dedication to his work.

It makes me think… how many of us are discounting our own importance as parents… as spouses, as friends ?

We read the tabloids and watch ET, looking at the electronic gospels with diminished spirits, comparing our lost and little lives to the over-the-top amazing people who seem to have it all. Beautiful children with beautiful faces and lavish homes with perfect parties and glamorous lives all done without breaking a sweat.

We can easily believe the lie… namely that we lack the qualities of greatness.

Pull back a bit from the mind-machine and remember the truth about yourself, about God… about our lives. We have something more to long for, something deeper to gain than the momentary affirmation of fame or notoriety. We have a chance to live “ordinary” lives – extra-ordinarily well. Focusing on the eternal issues of love… integrity, faithfulness and fidelity.

The truth is…living out your days with an ordinary family is an EPIC accomplishment… such a life leaves a testimony that is simple, powerful, true and all too rare!

Remember…its ok to struggle, totally normal to want to give up… all of us will find ourselves discouraged and out of energy to parent from time to time. Without friends, fellowship and faith… it becomes all too common for many parents to do just that. Some parents tune out and walk away from their families, fearful they won’t measure up and way weary of trying to be the “perfect’ parent with the perfect family. Let’s not do that.

Parents, be encouraged to hang tight to your “ordinary” families and live with a renewed determination to finish your lives well, knowing that your labor and work of love is NOT in vain.


Pastor B.


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