NOAH… the movie

NOAH… “the” Noah. Legend, myth… or actual historic figure, whatever you choose to believe, his tale is an epic story, pulled from the ancient archives of the book of Genesis., the first book of the bible. The most recent incarnation of Noah comes to life in Russell Crowe, part of a big budget, super intense – CGI fantasy show, complete with apocalyptic immersion into the ‘pre-history’ of mankind.

Noah’s world is an ash-tray of a garbage dump, blackened and fouled by the industrial hordes of pre-historical technology and a violent, lawless society. Noah serves to protect the last of the pristine earth and it’s animals from the relentless surge of a blood-thirsty civilization.

The cinematography is DARK and DIRE, sweeping and full of some strange stuff, and ideas. (i.e. Watchers)

Filmed largely in Iceland, this epic story becomes a very focused dramatic tale about the dysfunctional family dynamics that twist Noah’s life.

For parents, this movie is dark, scary and at times bloody. A violent, but not so far-fetched interpretation of the biblical text. A bit too violent and scary for youngsters in my opinion. Kids under 13-14 should steer clear, but for those with teens, this provide parents with an excellent opportunity to go deeper.

My encouragement is this… take your teens to see this with you. Prepare them by reading through the Genesis narrative as contained in the scriptures. (Gen 5-9) Once you have your popcorn and milk duds, kick back and enjoy the fictional and gritty drama of Noah’s family as they cope with the pressures of global genocide and personal faith. The acting is solid and you’ll find yourself caught up in the tension that builds between Noah and his daughter/wife/sons along the way.

I did appreciate the powerful reality check the movie provides to us as believers. Namely that there is such a day as “judgment day” and that sin isn’t a minor detail on the way to the warm glow of an Easter story. I also appreciated the struggle Noah has with understanding what God is calling him to do, making his faith all to familiar, something for us all to appreciate.

Note the odd emphasis on Noah’s intense – even rabid faith portrayal, the value placed on animals over mankind and the use of magic by Noah’s grandfather along the way. Entertaining and intense, this story is a bit of a ssstttrrreeeettttcccchhhhh , but it serves a very useful purpose. You will have your teens interested enough in the bible to read and talk about it for days to come.

For the record, it’s big budget and exciting, although a “downer”, it is full of great music and hi-tech imaging, effectively recreating what would seem to be the basic “vibe” of the old world decay that the bible describes.

I happen to believe the bible is accurate, truthful and trustworthy, making this story more than just a fable, but a piece of our historical journey with God. As such, it’s message is timeless and powerful… making it a significant movie pick for today’s family to consider.

That’s enough for me to recommend taking your own voyage to the nearest theatre!

Peace out and past the popcorn already… 🙂

Pastor B.

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