Broken but beautiful….

Easter is an amazing time of year. We as Christians celebrate the Holy Week as the apex of our calendar year, our “Superbowl” of faith! The moment each year we re-imagine the truth behind our iconic Cross and the core of our beliefs. Jesus… alive and full of power, the beauty,splendor and vibrancy of new life.

So…. in our minds, Easter Sunday should be full of all kinds of fresh hope, personal new beginnings and “growing to bursting” fresh faith in our hearts!

Right ?

As much as we all want to feel the fullness of hope and newness, our lives actually seem to be about the same.

We wake up and really want to sleep in, we struggle with our day. Not feeling as healthy as we could and already tired before we even get moving. The day dawns and sets, we go to church… repeat the parts we’re supposed, smile at the right times and hug everyone around us. But deep down… we’re un-affected.

What’s wrong with us ?

It seems everyone else is sporting a perky and “full of life” attitude, while we’re struggling to figure out if we can dig dinner out of the fridge tonight and if we have enough clean clothes to get us through the week. We’re supposed to be FULL OF LIFE, EXUBERANT in our HOLIDAY of DIVINE TRIUMPH and JOY!

But if we’re honest… we’re not.

Somewhere deep inside of us… our spark is dimming. We’re suffering and silent. Tired and tormented by a weary mind and heart. We’re so afraid to hope again, to really trust.

The truth is, we’re all broken inside. No one get’s to dodge this truth, rich or poor… successful or serial failure… we’re busted up inside. Broken into pieces and it’s not easy to keep pretending otherwise. The culture of Christian faith pushes us to live in denial of our feelings, to ignore our hearts and minds and simply extend ourselves forever on the belief that “All things work together for the good”… but the truth is… all things are NOT good.

The promise for us in the “here and now” is redemption… NOT perfection!

Perfection comes at Christ’s return, and not a second before. In the meantime… we have “broken” and when we invite Christ into our “broken” He makes it “beautiful”. The crushing despair and discouragement comes when we start to believe that the goal of our lives is to avoid pain or difficulties.

Instead of avoiding those moments, God recycles them from simply being the painful by-products of our sin and foolishness into the character building events of our lives. Moments that forever shape and strengthen our character. In the middle of the messy in-between, Jesus draws nearer and comforts us in the worst pain we could ever imagine… bringing us into a deeper and permanent intimacy with our heavenly Father.

The Christians goal is to become like Christ. That means a difficult season or two is surely ahead, but be of good cheer… Christ has overcome the world we live in. That means no matter how difficult, no matter how discouraging your may feel… or things may actually be. God will redeem it all if you let Him. He’s been making broken things beautiful since the garden of Eden. He’s REALLY REALLY good at it!

John 16: 33 “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world

Peace and Grace to you all… from one broken believer to another.

Pastor B.




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