Summer Time Parenting & Drive In Movies

Looking for something summery to do with your family this year ?

Let me recommend making the effort to go “Old School” and suggest going online and find a drive-in movie theater near you.

Drive in movies are almost extinct, but they are still out there if you look. I’ve recently re-discovered the fun and excitement of piling eight people into my Honda Pilot and driving 40+ miles to the nearest outdoor venue. SO CRAZY and SO FUN!

Hi-way 50 Drive In - Lewisburg TN

Hi-way 50 Drive In – Lewisburg TN

It’s not just one thing, but a combination of a bunch of things that makes for a fantastic family experience at a drive-in.

The anticipation of making a special road-trip to get there is part of it, the ability to “customize” the event is also very appealing to tweens and teens.  Bring along some blankets, folding chairs, pizza, food snacks and bug spray! Then off you go! Summer weekends are my favorite and usually include a double-feature of the latest in Hollywood first run films.

Budget friendly, most drive-in’s are half of the price of a conventional indoor movie ticket and include a space all your own to park and play. Dusk is the start time so arrive early for a good spot to see, tune your radio into the broadcast frequency and settle back for a super fun, unique – memory making summer night with your friends and family! 

Most teens and tweens have NO clue what a drive-in movie experience is like and at first may hesitate at the invite, but if you persist and get them in the car…it will be worth the effort in the end.

Kids of all ages love the freedom a drive-in provides, the ability to get up and move around, a chance for everyone to horse-play before the show!

Try the $3 for 5 fried oreo’s, a culinary adventure available at Lewisburg  TN’s Hi-Way 50 Drive in, or simply take the time to make some new friends with the folks in the car next to yours… it all adds up to one awesome family night. Oh and Don’t forget to check the weather before leaving…. !

If you’re looking for a fun and unique idea to reconnect as a family, experience something new and enjoy the summer-time together… a drive-in movie is a MUST ! 

Peace out,

Pastor B.

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